Getting Started With Pokémon GO!


The chances are extremely good that you’ve heard of Pokémon GO… not only have you heard of it, but you downloaded it right away and now you’re completely obsessed. I don’t blame you– few games are this interactive and this much fun. Best of all, it’s totally FREE to download on Android and Apple App. You can’t beat that.

One thing that’s clear as soon as you start playing, though, is that you can really only pick up on the most basic of features and game play without a good guide. You want to be the very best, right? That means studying what it takes to catch those Pokémon and fill your Pokedex to the brim.

I’ve done the hard work for you. I’m going to teach you everything you need to know to actually be the very best. I’m going to teach you how to dominate Pokémon Go.

How Does Pokémon Go Work?

I’ll assume you already know the basics of what Pokémon Go is. Basically, it brings typical game play features of Pokemon into the real world. Have you ever seen an Eevee on your kitchen table or even standing on your toilet? It’s 100% possible now with Pokemon Go.

You get to fill the shoes of a real-life trainer, filling your Pokedex and leveling up your Pokémon. It’s so much fun! It also gets you out into the real world since you need to walk, walk, walk and explore your town (or wherever you happen to be) to collect items and Pokémon.

Pokémon Go uses the GPS that’s in your Smartphone. You’ll notice that it has an anime-like map for you to explore… and it is the real map of your area. You can actively go on Pokémon hunts or just let the app tell you when there’s a Pokémon nearby for you to catch.

It’s no longer going to be uncommon to see people staring at their phones and walking around in circles. You’ll instantly know that you’ve spotted another Pokémon Go player!

Once you find a Pokémon out in the wild (or even from the comforts of home), you just tap the Pokémon you’re trying to catch and then ‘throw’ the Pokeball right from your screen to catch it. It’s really cool once a Pokémon appears- your phone’s camera opens up and it looks like there’s a REAL Pokémon in front of you, right in your world.

They’ve really done a lot of great things in this game. It’s fun for all ages– you can get the whole family involved. I know I have. I originally thought this game would just be fun for my children, but I’ve found myself really getting into it.

You’ll be able to find 18 types of Pokémon in this game, just as you’d expect:


Here’s the listing of the different Pokémon in the game that you can catch:

Number Pokémon Type 1 Type 2
001 Bulbasaur Grass Poison
002 Ivysaur Grass Poison
003 Venusaur Grass Poison
004 Charmander Fire
005 Charmeleon Fire
006 Charizard Fire Flying
007 Squirtle Water
008 Wartortle Water
009 Blastoise Water
010 Caterpie Bug
011 Metapod Bug
012 Butterfree Bug Flying
013 Weedle Bug Poison
014 Kakuna Bug Poison
015 Beedrill Bug Poison
016 Pidgey Normal Flying
017 Pidgeotto Normal Flying
018 Pidgeot Normal Flying
019 Rattata Normal
020 Raticate Normal
021 Spearow Normal Flying
022 Fearow Normal Flying
023 Ekans Poison
024 Arbok Poison
025 Pikachu Electric
026 Raichu Electric
027 Sandshrew Ground
028 Sandslash Ground
029 Nidoran Female Poison
030 Nidorina Poison
031 Nidoqueen Poison Ground
032 Nidoran Male Poison
033 Nidorino Poison
034 Nidoking Poison Ground
035 Clefairy Fairy
036 Clefable Fairy
037 Vulpix Fire
038 Ninetales Fire
039 Jigglypuff Normal Fairy
040 Wigglytuff Normal Fairy
041 Zubat Poison Flying
042 Golbat Poison Flying
043 Oddish Grass Poison
044 Gloom Grass Poison
045 Vileplume Grass Poison
046 Paras Bug Grass
047 Parasect Bug Grass
048 Venonat Bug Poison
049 Venomoth Bug Poison
050 Diglett Ground
051 Dugtrio Ground
052 Meowth Normal
053 Persian Normal
054 Psyduck Water
055 Golduck Water
056 Mankey Fighting
057 Primeape Fighting
058 Growlithe Fire
059 Arcanine Fire
060 Poliwag Water
061 Poliwhirl Water
062 Poliwrath Water Fighting
063 Abra Psychic
064 Kadabra Psychic
065 Alakazam Psychic
066 Machop Fighting
067 Machoke Fighting
068 Machamp Fighting
069 Bellsprout Grass Poison
070 Weepinbell Grass Poison
071 Victreebel Grass Poison
072 Tentacool Water Poison
073 Tentracruel Water Poison
074 Geodude Rock Ground
075 Graveler Rock Ground
076 Golem Rock Ground
077 Ponyta Fire
078 Rapidash Fire
079 Slowpoke Water Psychic
080 Slowbro Water Psychic
081 Magernite Electric Steel
082 Magneton Electric Steel
083 Farfetch’d Normal Flying
084 Doduo Normal Flying
085 Dodrio Normal Flying
086 Seel Water
087 Dewgong Water Ice
088 Grimer Poison
089 Muk Poison
090 Shellder Water
091 Cloyster Water Ice
092 Gastly Ghost Poison
093 Haunter Ghost Poison
094 Gengar Ghost Poison
095 Onix Rock Ground
096 Drowzee Psychic
097 Hypno Psychic
098 Krabby Water
099 Kingler Water
100 Voltorb Electric
101 Electrode Electric
102 Exeggcute Grass Psychic
103 Exeggutor Grass Psychic
104 Cubone Ground
105 Marowak Ground
106 Hitmonlee Fighting
107 Hitmonchan Fighting
108 Lickitung Normal
109 Koffing Poison
110 Weezing Poison
111 Rhyhorn Ground Rock
112 Rhydon Ground Rock
113 Chansey Normal
114 Tangela Grass
115 Kangaskhan Normal
116 Horsea Water
117 Seadra Water
118 Goldeen Water
119 Seaking Water
120 Staryu Water
121 Sarmie Water Psychic
122 Mr. Mime Psychic
123 Scyther Bug Flying
124 Jynx Ice Psychic
125 Electabuzz Electric
126 Magmar Fire
127 Pinsir Bug
128 Tauros Normal
129 Magikarp Water
130 Gyarados Water Flying
131 Lapras Water Ice
132 Ditto Normal
133 Eevee Normal
134 Vaporeon Water
135 Jolteon Electric
136 Flareon Fire
137 Porygon Normal
138 Omanyte Rock Water
139 Omastar Rock Water
140 Kabuto Rock Water
141 Kabutops Rock Water
142 Aerodactyl Rock Flying
143 Snorlax Normal
144 Articuno Ice Flying
145 Zapdos Electric Flying
146 Moltres Fire Flying
147 Dratini Dragon
148 Dragonair Dragon
149 Dragonite Dragon Flying
150 Mewtwo Psychic

Wow! It’s going to be a lot of fun to get all of these Pokémon in your Pokedex. Let’s get started!

All About Your Trainer

Choosing Your Trainer

One of the first things you’ll do, after you sign up for your account, is choose your trainer. They’ve made this really awesome because you can make your trainer look just like you. That personalizes this game in a way that’s unbeatable.

The first step in personalizing your trainer is to choose whether you want a male or female trainer. Then, you can customize the trainer to look like you- including some choices of what you war!

As a special note– make sure you customize your character from the start, because this option disappears once you’ve confirmed.

Exploring Your World With Your Trainer

I just love that this game gets you off of the couch and out into the world. You’ll enjoy the benefits of walking and having a lot of fun at the same time.

There are no tricks at all to exploring with your trainer– there are no tricky controls or anything like that. Since the game works via your phone’s GPS, your trainer walks around as you walk around.

So, to move your trainer– YOU move. It’s as simple as that.

Naming and Personalizing Your Pokémon

ThePokémon come with their own special names, of course… but you can also edit the names. To do so, all you have to do is open up your Pokémon via your Pokedex and tap the pencil next to their name. Then, enter in the new name you want and confirm.

Easy as that! You can give your Pokémonsome really silly names, if you want to.

Taking Pictures of Your Pokémon

One of my favorite features of this game is the ability to take pictures of your Pokémon– just as if they were there in the real world.

Pokémon on your dog’s head? Take a picture! Pokémon standing on the toilet? Take a picture! These are fun to capture and a lot of fun to share.

It’s super-simple to use this feature. When you come across a Pokémon, tap on it. Your phone’s screen will then enter into a mode that makes it look like the Pokémon is there in real life.

Choose the camera option (it’s in your bag and should appear there on the screen) and snap the photo using the button.

The photo you take will be saved right to your regular photos on your phone. It’s so great!

Questions New Players Typically Have

What Are the Leaves?

Many new players want to know what the leaves are that float around the screen sometimes as you walk around. The leaves actually give you a hint that there’s a Pokémon to capture near you!

You should walk safely to the area where you see the rustling leaves and try to capture that Pokémon before it gets away.

What Are the Footprints?

If you click on the bottom right corner of your Pokémon Go app, you’ll see a screen pop up that shows you which Pokémon are nearby. Under these Pokémon are footprints.

One footprint means the Pokémon is very close. Two means it’s reasonably close. Three footprints means it’s pretty far away. If there are NO footprints, that means it’s right by you.

If you haven’t yet caught a Pokémon of that type, you won’t be able to tell which one it is! That makes it all the more fun to track it down and try to capture it.

What Do the XS and XL Mean?

When you go to a Pokémon’s individual page on the app, you’ll see an XS or XL appear in the details.

XS means it’s an extra small Pokémon.

XL means it’s an extra large Pokémon.

As best as we know right now, these markings don’t directly affect CP.

XS and XL do related to medals.If you bring up your profile by tapping on the bottom left corner of the app, you’ll see question marks, which represent medals you can unlock. Some of the medals require you to collect Pokémon of a certain weight to receive them.

How Do You Find Candy?

You’ll notice that there are little candy icons as you collect Pokémon. If you collect candy, you’ll be able to evolve and power up your Pokémon.

How do you find candy? You catch Pokémon! Every time you catch a Pokémon, you’ll receive candy.

You can also get candy by transferring Pokémon to Professor Willow. This works well if you have a ton of Pokémon of the same type and you don’t need them all. You can’t get your Pokémon back after you’ve transferred it.

You can earn candy by hatching Pokémon. It will also earn you a ton of XP.

You can’t buy candy! You have to play and catch Pokémon to receive candy.


You’ll receive stardust each time you catch a Pokémon. Catching a Pokémon will reward you with 100 stardust. You will also receive stardust for defending your team’s Gym.

How Do You Know How Many Pokeballs You Have Left?

You only get so many Pokeballs… and you’ll need to collect more on your journey. To see how many you have left, tap the Pokeball on your app’s screen. Open up your backpack to look inside and see how many throwable Pokeballs you have left.

Can You Catch Pokémon From the Comforts of Home?

While it’s really fun to get up off the couch and explore, many people want to know if it’s possible to catch Pokémon from home. Yes! You can absolutely catch Pokémon from home. It’s not the ideal strategy, but it works and is great for grabbing Pokémon whenever you want to.

In fact, the game will give you a Pokémon to start with, no matter where you are. That gives you a great feeling right away.

You’ll also notice that Pokémon are in your house! Who knew!? Turn your app on every once in awhile from home to see which ones are around you. You never know what you’ll find. Now, you’re not going to collect many different types from your home… you’ll have to explore to do that.

One thing you can do to increase your chance is use your incense to bring Pokémon to you. You get two incense to start with.

Tap the incense that’s in your backpack to use it. It will last for 30 minutes (it gives you a countdown so you know how much time is left). You’ll see that more Pokémon appear around you than would otherwise.

You get two incense to begin with, but you can grab more by using Pokecoins (25 incense for 1250 Pokecoins). Incense are around 80 cents each in “real” money, at the time of writing.

How Do You Get More Pokeballs

What do you do if you run out of Pokeballs? Don’t panic! Do make sure you collect these as you go about your day.

You can get more Pokeballs from Pokestops. You can find these all over the area where you live. They’re often landmarks and things like that.

Where to Find Pokémon

Of course, your biggest question is where on earth can you find Pokémon? This is a whole lot of fun. Sometimes, you might get frustrated in trying to find ones you don’t have yet… so these tips will help you.

Pokémon will often be readily visible. You won’t have to work very hard to find these. Other times, you’ll have to pay attention to the rustling grass and footprints to find the ones you don’t have yet.

As you’re walking around, open up the Pokémon list from the bottom right. Pay attention to where the Pokémon might be. If fewer footprints appear under a Pokémon on the list, you’re getting closer!

If you’re super frustrated and can’t find a Pokémon that’s supposed to be near you, remember that you can use incense to bring it closer. You’ll likely draw others in as well. You’ll know the incense is there because of the purple mist that appears around your trainer.

A more advanced method is using a Lure Module at a Pokestop.

Once you see a Pokémon on the map, tap on it. It will then appear to be in the real world!

You’ll throw your Pokeball toward the Pokémon. Hold the ball down to see a green circle appear. Tossing while this is green makes it a lot more likely that you’ll capture the Pokémon. Try to time the shot for extra XP. You can also throw curveballs to get 10 extra XP.

As you catch Pokémon, you’ll receive candy and stardust. This is how you level up and evolve your Pokémon.

So, to catch Pokémon, start wandering around. Pay attention to the leaves– and especially the footprints– to find the best ones.

Water types are typically near or in water! Different Pokémon appear at night. It’s so much fun to find all the different types.

How to Find Rare Pokémon

There are definitely some Pokémon that are rarer than others. You’ll have to explore different areas and try different paths to track these down. You should also get good at tracking and learning how to figure out where these Pokémon are hiding.

You’ll also be more likely to find rare Pokémon as your trainer levels up. So, it’s worth it to play, play, play the game so you can level up.

There may be legendary Pokémon as well- keep your eyes open!

How to Evolve Pokémon

You’ll want to evolve your Pokémon as you progress. It’s a really simple process– as long as you have what you need to do it!

Tap on your Pokeball on your app’s home screen. Choose the Pokémon you want to evolve. You’ll see a screen that tells you how much candy you need to evolve.

If you don’t have enough candy, keep catching Pokémon to get more! You can also get candy via Pokestops.

If you’re desperate and don’t want to wait, you can use Pokecoins to buy more coins. This isn’t something you have to do– the game can be free if you want it to be.

Leveling Up Your Pokémon Trainer

To get better at catching Pokémon and to find rarer Pokémon, you’ll want to level up your trainer. This will also affect how high you can increase your Pokémon’s CP.

To level up, you’ll need to earn XP. You can get XP in a lot of different ways.

Here’s a table that shows you more:

Catching a Pokémon 100 XP
Evolving a Pokémon 500 XP
Hatching aPokémon 200 XP
Visiting a Pokestop 50 XP
Training at a Friendly Gym Depends
Battling at a Rival Gym Depends (if your CP is close to your opponents and you defeat more, you’ll earn more XP)
Catching a New Pokémon 500 XP
Making an Excellent Throw 100 XP
Making a Great Throw 50 XP
Making a Nice Throw 10 XP
Throwing a Curve Ball 10 XP
Hatching a New Pokémon 1000 XP
Hatching Eggs 500 XP
Lucky Egg Doubles all XP for 30 minutes

There’s some strategy to increasing your XP. For example, you can use a Lucky Egg and incense to earn more XP per Pokémon caught– with a whole lot more Pokémon appearing than normally would. You could do the same with a Lure Module.

You can also try to get certain Pokémon ready to evolve. Activate a Lucky Egg, and then evolve to earn more XP.

Training Your Pokémon

You won’t train by battling. You’ll train by using candy and stardust– which you earn each time you catch a Pokémon.

When you evolve or power up your Pokémon, you’ll increase its CP- this affects how it performs in battle.

Note: It is up to you as to whether you power up or evolve first.

Power Up Your Pokémon

Every time you catch a Pokémon, you’ll receive candy and stardust. There’s just one kind of stardust, while there are different types of candy. You have to have the right type of candy for the species you’re trying to power up.

When you’re able to power up your Pokémon, its Power Up button will be green. You just have to tap the button to power up.

The higher your Pokémon’s CP is to its current cap, the more candy it will need. You can level up your trainer to increase its CP cap.

To figure out how close it is to its CP cap, look at the semicircle that appears above the Pokémon- its CP will be above it with the semicircle under it.

Powering up gives your Pokémona boost in CP and HP. This makes it better in battle.

Evolve Your Pokémon

You need the right type of candy for the right Pokémon, in order to evolve. Evolving also increases CP. You’ll see how much candy is needed in order to evolve. So, plan your strategy for capturing and transferring Pokémon to get enough candy.

When you evolve your Pokémon, it will be stronger. It will also be healed.

Note: Evolving Pokémon gives it new moves in battle.

Every time you evolve a Pokémon, you’ll receive 500 XP for your trainer. Evolving a new Pokémon (that you haven’t caught before) gives you a 500 XP bonus.

Transferring Pokémon

What do you do if you have a ton of Pokémon that are all the same type? The easiest solution is to transfer them. Just click the Pokeball on the home screen of the app.

Click the Pokémon you want to transfer. Scroll down on the details page for that Pokemon. You should see a Transfer button. Touch this to confirm and transfer that Pokemon to Professor Willow.

You will receive stardust and candy- which you need in order to power up and evolve your Pokémon.

Everything You Need to Know About Pokestops

Pokestops are your friend! You’ll find Pokestops on the map, appearing as blue icons. There are likely several in your town. They are often landmarks and special places and things like that. You can find them all over!

Walk close to the Pokestop. The app will tell you if you’re close enough or not. It will appear as a circle once you are close enough. Swipe the circle over and over again until it spits out items for you to collect.

Tap them to collect them. This is a great way to get more items- so much fun. And, they refill, so you can revisit them. If they’re purple, you have to wait for them to be refilled. After several minutes, it will turn back to blue again and then you can collect more items.

Try visiting a mall or a more densely populated area to find a ton of Pokestops.

You’ll probably get around 3-4 items from each Pokestop. You’ll receive better items as you achieve higher levels as a trainer- you’ll get more Pokeballs, revives, potions, and so on. It’s worth it to level up as a trainer.

A bit of a more advanced technique is to use a Lure Module at a Pokestop. You can buy a lure module from the shop in the app. This will get more Pokémon to appear nearby. And every player who comes to this stop will benefit. You can see if a Pokestop has a lure module because it will appear as pink petals on the map.

You can buy a Lure Module for 100 Pokecoins, or 8 Lure Modules for 680 Pokecoins.

Battling in Pokémon Go

The whole game isn’t just catching Pokémon– it’s also battling them!

Note- You have to be at a level 5 to battle. If you aren’t there yet, just keep playing!

You must find a Pokémon gym to battle. These are huge on the map– you should be able to find several in your area.

To attack, you’ll tap on your opponent. You’ll swipe left and right to avoid attacks. There’s a bar that will fill as you attack- once it’s filled, you can perform a special attack.

Note- Your Pokémon’s stats affect how they perform in battle. HP (Hit Points) shows you how much health your Pokémon has.

CP (Combat Points) shows you how powerfully your Pokémon can attack.

Obviously, you want higher HP and CP.

Joining Teams

There are three teams to join:

  1. Yellow- Instinct
  2. Blue- Mystic
  3. Red- Valor

You can contribute Pokémon to help defend your team’s gym.

Becoming a Gym Leader

To become a gym leader, you have to contribute a Pokémon with the highest CP at the gym. This means giving up your best, so you’ll have to make that choice.

Better Pokémon can better defend a gym.

Taking Over a Gym

You can take over another team’s gym. Look at the gym’s level of prestige. The lower, the easier it is to take over. The higher, the more difficult it is to take over.

To try to take over a gym, you’ll select 6 Pokémon to take to battle. Attack and defend and make use of special attacks.

If you win, that Gym’s prestige will drop. If it reaches 0, you can take it over by adding your strongest Pokémon to it.

Others can come help defend the gym.

Healing Pokémon

Your Pokémon are going to go to battle! That means they will be hurt sometimes.

To heal your Pokémon, you’ll use potion (restores 20 HP), super potion (restores 50 HP), or hyper potion (200 HP).

If your Pokémon has fainted, it will need to be revived. You’ll have to use either a Revive (fills HP half way) or a Max Revive (fills HP all the way).

You will need to collect these items at Pokestops.

To use these potions and revives, tap the Pokeball to open up your bag and choose which item you want to use.

Earning Pokecoins

As you can tell, you’re going to want Pokecoins for certain things. You can buy Pokecoins with real money. You can also earn them by taking part in gyms.

Once you’ve reached level 5, you can battle in gyms. You’ll contribute Pokémon to that gym. For every one you leave there to defend the gym, you’ll receive 10 Pokémon- up to 100 per day.

All About Eggs

Eggs are a lot of fun in Pokémon Go! You’ll find eggs as you’re out and about, mainly at Pokestops.

You have one Egg Incubator in your bag (you’ll have to buy more from this point on or be rewarded with one). This will allow you to hatch an egg after you’ve walked a certain number of steps. This is a great and motivating way to get fit!

On your Pokémon list, there’s a section labeled Eggs. Click the egg to put it in an incubator- this will start the hatching.

Note- Your original incubator can be used over and over again. Other incubators can be used 3 times.

If your egg is taking an unusual number of steps to hatch, it’s likely a rare Pokémon!

When you hatch an egg, you’ll earn some great XP and candy.

Note- Lucky Eggs are different. You’ll use these to earn double XP for 30 minutes. This is great for catching tons of Pokémon or battling.

All About Incense

Incense is fantastic. If you want to lure Pokémon to you, this is what you want. You receive two of these to start with. When you use one, your trainer will be surrounded by purple smoke.

Incense is great if you’re feeling lazy- or if you want to use a Lucky Egg in combination to get a ton of XP.
Rewards and Unlockables

Leveling up has many perks– including receive rewards and unlocking certain items!

Level 2- Pokeball X10
Level 3- Pokeball X15
Level 4- Pokeball X15
Level 5- Pokeball X20, Potion X10, Revive X10, Incense
Level 6- Pokeball X15, Potion X10, Revive X5, Egg Incubator
Level 7- Pokeball X15, Potion X10, Revive X5, Incense
Level 8- Pokeball X15, Potion X10, Revive X5, Razzberry X10, Lure Module
Level 9- Pokeball X15, Potion X10, Revive X5, Razzberry X3, Lucky Egg
Level 10- Pokeball X20, Super Potion X20, Revive X10, Razzberry, Incense, Lucky Egg, Egg Incubator, Lure Module
Level 11- Pokeball X15, Super Potion X10, Revive X3, Razzberry X3
Level 12- Great Ball X20, Super Potion X10, Revive X3, Razzberry X3
Level 13- Great Ball X10, Super Potion X10, Revive X3, Razzberry X3
Level 14- Great Ball X10, Super Potion X10, Revive X3, Razzberry X3
Level 15- Great Ball X15, Hyper Potion X20, Revive X10, Razzberry X10, Incense, Lucky Egg, Egg Incubator, Lure Module
Level 16- Great Ball X10, Hyper Potion X10, Revive X5, Razzberry X5
Level 17- Great Ball X10, Hyper Potion X10, Revive X5, Razzberry X5


It’s fun to win medals! You can also win XP by achieving medals.

Here are some of the medals you can win:

Battle Girl
Ace Trainer
Black Belt
Bird Keeper
Punk Girl
Ruin Maniac
Bug Catcher
Hex Maniac
Dragon Tamer
Fairy Tale Girl
Pickachu Fan

The Shop

If you want to, you can play Pokémon Go totally for free. If you want to level up and achieve faster, then you can make use of the shop.

You’ll use real money to buy Pokecoins.

Prices for Pokecoins:

100 for 99 cents
550 for $4.99
1,200 for $9.99
2,500 for $19.99
5,200 for $39.99
14,500 for $99.99

You can buy additional Pokeballs in the shop:

Pokecoin prices for Pokeballs:

20 balls for 100 coins
100 balls for 460 coins
200 balls for 800 coins

You can buy additional incense in the shop:

Pokecoin prices for Incense:

1 incense for 80 coins
8 incense for 500 coins
25 incense for 1,250 coins

You can buy Lucky Eggs in the shop:

Pokecoin prices for Lucky Eggs:

1 egg for 80 coins
8 eggs for 500 coins
25 eggs for 1,250 coins

You can buy Lure Modules in the shop.

Pokecoin prices for Lure Modules:

1 Lure Module for 100 coins
8 Lure Modules for 680 coins

You can also buy:

1 Egg Incubator for 150 coins
A Bag upgrade for 200 coins
A Pokémon storage upgrade for 200 coins

Cheats and Tips for Pokémon Go

There are some great cheats and tips that have been discovered for Pokémon Go!

Start With Pikachu

One of the favorite ‘cheats’ is that Pikachu can actually be your starter Pokémon!

Once the game tries to give you one of the other starters (Charmander, Squirtle, or Bulbasaur)… RUN AWAY From it!

The app will try to make you take these options. Run away again and again… until you are presented with the ability to choose Pikachu.

Press and Hold the Pokeball

Some Pokémon are harder to catch than others. Press and hold the Pokeball. As the ring gets smaller around these tougher Pokémon, throw the ball.

Green means it’s easiest!

Some people find turning off the “real world” Augmented Reality feature makes it easier to catch.

Visit Well-Known Landmarks

You just might find that these Pokestops have better items.

You Can Save Your Battery!

This game is a battery hog- but there’s a little-known feature that will help you with this.

Tap your pokeball on the app’s main screen. Choose the settings option, and then “battery saver.”

Once it’s on, turn your phone upside down to darken the screen. You’ll feel vibration when Pokémon are near. Just hold your phone upright and take it out of your pocket to catch Pokémon once they’re there.

Transfer Duplicate Pokémon

Earn more candy and stardust by transferring extra Pokémon to Professor Willow.

Level Up for Rarer Pokémon

Keep leveling up to find rarer Pokémon– it’s worth it.

Defend Gyms for Free Items

You’ll receive more items every day.

Pokémon Go Plus!

This looks so cool! This is a wearable Pokémon device that will allow you to connect to your smartphone, collect items, and so on. It’s perfect without having to have your phone out all the time.

This is also useful for parents who don’t want their kids to have their phone all the time.

Go Catch Pokémon!

I hope you’re very excited now that you know how to play Pokémon Go! You now know more than the average player, which gives you a huge advantage.

Go have fun and be the very best! Be sure to keep a lookout for objects around you for your safety as well as others. 

Image Credit: Pokémon

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