Playskool Heroes Marvel Spider-Man Adventures Web Racing Funhouse Playset

I had the pleasure of reviewing a Playskool product from Hasbro. Playskool was founded in the late 1920’s by two women who were school teachers who believed in learning through playing. Over 80 years in the making Playskool has become one of the top retailers in childrens toys.


I received Playskool Heroes Marvel Spider-Man Adventures Web Racing Funhouse Playset for my review. When the boys opened this gift on Christmas morning Andrew was the first to speak up and say “this is exactly what I wanted”. I love being able to get them things they want and I know they will play with rather than just some odd gift that gets tossed in the bottom of the toy box. I gave Greg the privilege of putting together the boys new playset. It took him maybe 20 minutes and a few testing phases before he handed it over to the boys. I think he wanted to see how this cool playset worked himself. The pieces are very durable and when put together it is very sturdy.

Spider-Man Adventures Web Racing Funhouse figure eight track includes a cycle, launcher, spiderman figure and the best part it doesn’t require batteries. Spider-man is placed on his cycle and is launched as he then swings off his cycle onto the web line where he captures Green Goblin in the web trap.


The boys have been steadily playing with this one play set since they received it for Christmas. Since they are into super heroes like Spider-man, Batman, The Hulk, Captain America and many more they have each added their own favorite super hero to this fun play set.
This Playset is perfect for ages 3-7 and creates unlimited amount of play time for those young minds. Other figures can be purchased separately. This exact play set can be purchased for just $39.99 online or in stores.

Head over to Hasbro website to check out their entire line of products.

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