Simply Southern Couponers recently was given the opportunity to review a product from PlayMG. PlayMG was founded in 2012 and designed for young people who do not have a smartphones.  This company also has two celebrity owners, Olivia Holt from Disney’s Kickin It and basketballs, Kryrie Irving. PlayMG is the first mobile Wi-Fi gaming device for Android that fits right in your pocket.


PlayMG features:

  • 4″ Touchscreen
  • 1GB DDR3 RAM, 4GB Internal Flash Storage
  • Android 4.0
  • Rounded Corners
  • Grip Cater
  • 1.3 Front Facing Camera
  • 26GB Expandable Memory (2GB Usable Internal Memory plus 8GB and 16GB Micro SD Cards included)
  • Headset Jack
  • Micro USB Port


Just in time for the holiday season to get under way I could not have received this amazing gadget at a better time. The kids have two mini laptops they play on but having three boys one has to use my phone to play games, so when I need to make a call etc. it’s like pulling teeth to get one of them to give up the phone. Having this new gadget has really helped tone down the fighting of whose turn it is and I have taken back ownership of my phone. PlayMG comes pre-downloaded with several gaming apps that include: 9 Innings Pro Baseball, Tiny Farm, Slice It, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, NBA Jam, Derby Days, Tower Defense and several more. There are over 60,000 games, music, books, movies, etc. that can be found in the Google Store App, most of them are free plus you have free access to the internet. You can also purchase games etc. by signing up for a SpendSmart prepaid Mastercard.

Here are a few details about the SpendSmart prepaid Mastercard:

  • Easy to load from any account or digital location
  • Instant text alerts keep you connected as purchases happen
  • Lock the card from wherever you are
  • No credit risk. No overdraft. Safe online. 
  • It keeps you safe from identity theft and fraud.
  • They’ll learn to use plastic – without the risk
  • Use safely anywhere debit MasterCard Is accepted
  • Download the BMP App for free

How it works: When you add $10 or more, PlayMG will match the price of $10 to buy more games and apps. PlayMG’s Digital Wallet lets parents create a game allowance by using the SpendSmart prepaid Mastercard. With PlayMG’s Family Collaboration System kids can play unlimited and the parents receive a weekly email with usage details. With the USB port you can transfer data with just a few clicks. 

PlayMG sample1

When I received my new PlayMG Mobile Android Entertainment System Bundle with Charger I could not wait to set it up and see how it worked. By setting up I mean adding my Google information and my set up was done. It is just a like a smartphone but without the cost of internet, paying for text messages and a contract. It has a built in Wi-Fi that I can use anywhere I go that has Wi-Fi capabilities. My favorite things about this phone is the big bright screen, long lasting battery and my Amazon Kindle App. I can now download books straight to my PlayMG and read without draining my cellphone battery. The kids can play unlimited games like racing, Angry Birds, and any other ones they may find. Everyone now has something to play or read on without all fuss and most importantly the costs that come with having a smartphone. I never leave home without my PlayMG. I am definitely thinking about getting the boys one to use when we aren’t home because it is very convenient to take while in the car, fits right in their hands, and I can connect headphones to it and not hear the sound while driving.


PlayMG can be purchased online at Toys R Us, Amazon and Target for just $149.99, and is totally worth every penny. This would make the perfect gift for any adult or child. With Christmas just a few weeks away surprise your child or tween with a new PlayMG. Be sure to enter our giveaway coming up read below for more details.

Watch PlayMG short video commercial below.  

To see more about PlayMG visit their Website here.

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