Plasmart started back in 2003 when the Original PlasmaCar came out. Plasmart creates fun and simple toys and games  that also have a learning side to them. The toys help develop the motor and dexterity skills, balance, creative and imaginative play, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills and fun.


Simply Southern Couponers had the opportunity to work with Plasmart. I received the Morphology Board Game. This is a very neat board game. It is referred to as “The Hilarious Guessing Game Where Creativity Wins”. It is geared toward older kids (ages 8+). The game comes with: the board, string, stones in green, blue, and yellow, a green piece of felt, 2 rubber rings, 6 pieces of small wood, cubes in the colors red (3), blue (3), yellow (3), green (3), and black (3), 4 wooden “people”, a timer, a die, and a set of cards. The object of this game is to first make your team (in our case me and kaylee was on a team, and my husband and aubreigh were on the other). Then you select the color frog you want to be and select the set of cards you want to use (we used easy so the girls could guess, but it also comes with hard cards too, perfect for older kids). Then you get creative and make whatever is on your card using the tools that are provided. If the answer is correct then you get to move your frog forward on the lily pad. Even though my girls are well under the recommended age of 8, they were still able to have fun with the game and picked up really quick on it.


The first card My husband and Aubreigh picked was a sled:


The next card me and Kaylee picked was a balloon:


Then my husband and Aubreigh picked Flag:


Me and Kaylee picked shoe lace:


This game was a lot of fun and my husband and I had just as much fun playing it as the girls did. This is the perfect game for Family Game Night.  Head on over here to learn more about Morphology, and head over here to buy Morphology.

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