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I have been seeing these neat products made by PlaSmart and thought I would love for the boys to have one of these PlasmaCar. Timothy Kimber was an owner of an e-commerce business and had seen some children testing an unknown ride on toy vehicle. He became very fascinated with this ride-on toy because it did not have pedals or a battery. The way to work it was by using the steering wheel. After about a month PlaSmart was founded in a North American marketing and distribution rights secured for PlasmaCar. PlaSmart Inc. is a Canadian based company that distributes educational toys for children that help them with motor skills, balance, hand and eye coordination, imaginative play and lots of entertainment. They have won numerous awards for their toys over the years.


I had the opportunity to work with PlaSmart by reviewing one of their PlasmaCars. I received the PlasmaCar in Red and Black and I must say this is a very neat product for any child to have. I have three boys ages 3-6 and this is perfect for them. With no batteries, gears or pedals they wanted to know how to work the new PlasmaCar. I told Eli to try it first so he got on it and started using his legs I told him no this is not a push car. This car you must use the steering wheel. He started moving it side to side and he noticed he started moving. The faster he moved the steering wheel the faster he moved. Well, I couldn’t just sit back and watch Eli have all the fun I tried it as well. As it supports up to 220lbs I knew it was safe for me to try without breaking it. I started moving and I can say it is quite the workout for your arms if you are an adult but is lots of fun. Ty and Andrew had a ball. It is amazing to see a product that requires them to work on their hand coordination and balance.
As you can see in the video below Eli is really enjoying showing you how simple the PlasmaCar works.

PlasmaCar is very easy to assemble as it only took Greg maybe fifteen minutes to put together and add the cool decals to it. As soon as it was ready so was Eli. The PlasmaCar has six wheels with the front two not touching the ground nor spins. They are only there to ensure safety and stability if the child leans forward or runs up on something, plus you can choose between six different colors. It can be used indoors or outdoors but not recommended for hardwood floors, sand grass or carpet, just a smooth riding surface for loads of fun to take place. If you have a smaller child who is not able to use the steering to get the PlasmaCar going they can also push off with their feet for hours of fun as well.
PlaSmart offers a wide range of products with three different categories that features products for all ages. The first category is their “Move” category that features their PlasmaCar, PlasmaBike, PlasmaBug and Fun Slides Carpet Skates. Next is their “Create” category features The Original DoodleArt, Scribble Down, and Threadz. Last is their “Play” category has eight different products like Squashed, Drop Shot, Smart Mat and much more.

Christmas is just a few short months away what better way for your child to wake up on Christmas morning with a PlasmaCar sitting next to the tree. The PlasmaCar is very affordable and can be purchased online or local retailers with an MSRP $69.99. Great for ages 3+. Decals are sold separately and come in four different designs to choose from for just $5.99

Head over to PlaSmart website and check out their full line of products.
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