Life of a Southern Mom was recently given the wonderful opportunity to work with a company called Blast Zone. Greg and I have been wanting to get something for the boys to enjoy during the summer, but keep coming up short on ideas. We’ve bought them little blow up pools and slip n’ slides in the past, but as you all know kids become bored very easily. We thought of getting them a bigger pool this year but we aren’t quite ready for that just yet as we still have our fears of the kids and pools. I started browsing online for ideas of fun things for the kids outside and came across Blast Zone’s website. I was blown away at their products and their prices are very affordable. They have many different inflatable bounce houses, combos, water parks and much more that I knew I could find them a fun product on here. I showed Greg a few of the bounce houses I had picked out but he thought them having a bounce house and water park all in one would be even better and would keep them more occupied while playing. 

About the company:

Blast Zone manufactures fun, safe Inflatables and Toys since 1995. They makes dreams reality with Bounce Houses, Moonwalks, Combos and Inflatable Water Parks from just $199 – less than it often costs to rent! Everything you need ships to your door in a complete kit. Blast Zone’s in-house Design and Manufacturing bring your family the most Exciting, Safe Inflatables, and the best quality in the industry. This is all backed by our industry-leading warranty, and Stellar Customer Support. The Blast Zone inflatable line includes everything from small Indoor Bounce Houses to large Commercial Grade Bounce Houses, designed for rentals, day cares and more. Blast Zone applies the same stringent standards of toy manufacturing to our Inflatable Bounce Houses, Water Parks and Inflatable Slides. 

pirate blaster(Photo Credit: Blast Zone)

We received Blast Zone’s Best Selling Pirate Blaster Inflatable Water Park for review. This is an upgraded version with higher protective walls around the bounce area, an Inside Return path, so they do not have to exit the play area to climb the slide and an updated Water Cannon construction. I wanted to surprise the boys so we waited until the day of us putting it together to finally show them what was inside mommy’s big box. Inside our box included the Play Park, Sprayer Assembly w/Flow Regulator, Ground Stakes, UL Blower with 25′ Cord, Storage bag, How To DVD and GFCI. It is made with double and quadruple stitched, reinforced polyester oxford to endure durability. Commercial-grade vinyl is used on the climbing, bounce, and slide surfaces, adding extra strength and longer life to the unit.We laid everything out and placed tarps under our water park so that we could prevent holes and Greg began to stake it down. The stakes are great because it prevents its from moving while in use or even being blown away. The cord maneuvered around the inflatable and attached easily to the Velcro straps. They do not need to be secured tight (as we learned) because you will need room to adjust if needed. There is enough hose to go around the entire water park and you do not need to worry of hoses hanging or kids tripping over them. It took us longer to lay everything out than blowing the actual Pirate Blaster Inflatable Water Park up.I have included several videos and images so that you could see how Blast Zone worked for us and how much the kids really enjoyed.


Big 20x12x8 Play Park
Water Slide
Dual Water Cannons
Included Sprayer Assembly w/Flow Regulator
Mini Bouncer W/Safety Netting
Crawl Tunnel
Oversize Splash Area
Breathable Storage Case
UL Blower with 25′ Cord and GFCI
Ground Stakes
Fun Pirate Theme 

blastcollege(This is a picture of our set up.)

The boys love going to places like Monkey Joe’s and Jumping Jax with the indoors inflatable bounce houses, but I am always hesitant of places like that because of all the germs that I am sure linger on them. I know they workers clean them, but having one of our own we can put up any time we want is great. As soon as Greg and I set everything up the boys were anxiously waiting to try out our new Pirate Blast Inflatable Water Park. Even though we had been dealing with some terrible weather consisting of snow and ice storms then days of rain, we finally had one pretty day on Saturday where the temperature finally hit the lower 70’s with light winds to put up our water park. At first, we weren’t sure if we should put water in it because of it not being warm enough but the boys finally begged us to let them try it out and they had a ball. Even though they were cold they played in it at least two hours and had fun climbing the rock wall, zooming down the slide, crawling through the tunnel to the bounce house and using the pirate blaster cannons to spray one another. They love the Pirate theme and while playing were acting like little pirates. When we got ready to put away we turned off our blower first and unplugged it since there is water involved. As it began to deflate the water had no problem running out the sides. There were certain little areas that needed a little help with removing the water but overall it went out on its own. We left the water park laying outside until the next day because it was mentioned in the DVD to inflate the water park once again to blow out excess water that maybe still inside the tubing, then deflate and will now be ready for storing away until time for the next use. 

Here is what the boys had to say about our Pirate Blast Inflatable Water Park.

Andrew: This is the coolest ever. I can slide, play in the water and wrestle with Ty in the bounce house.

Ty: I love sliding down the water slide and splashing into the water.

Eli: I love the cannon sprayers, the climbing wall, sliding really fast and splashing into the water.

There is so much fun to have with the Pirate Blast Inflatable Water park. 

blastcoll2(Here is a picture the Pirate Blaster Inflatable Water Park in action with the boys!)

This is a great item to have for anyone with younger children. I can see us spending unlimited hours this summer watching the boys have fun without ever leaving our yard. Blast Zone has a variety of bounce houses, water parks etc. that these are also great for birthday parties and events. This particular water park has a weight limit of 600-lbs so several children could enjoy at one time. To see more of Blast Zone’s products visit their Website here

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