PeachSkin Sheets is based in Atlanta, Georgia, not to far from me and features the Original Ultra-Soft Comfort Bed Sheet. This sheet is made with the breathable, high performance fabric and has a Peach Skin finish. They want nothing more but to be the ultimate in quality for you and to let their product go the extra mile. I recommend and know that you will love sleeping on their PeachSkin sheets softness!


Upon the arrival of my package I couldn’t wait to try out our new sheets. I was like a kid on Christmas, really. Inside our box was a neatly wrapped  set of sheets and personal letter from PeachSkin Sheets.


I chose PeachSkin Sheets in Queen size and in Light Mocha color for review. When I opened my sheets I could not get over how soft these sheets really were. These sheets are unlike any other and have a soft and luxurious feel with 1500 threads per square inch. These sheets are made with high performance, athletic grade Smart Fabric. This means that it will wick away moisture while allowing your body to regulate cool and warm body temperatures. This is so that you can have the best sleeping experience possible! The fitted sheets are deep pocketed with elastic all the way around and will fit any 22”-24” mattress including memory foam, custom number and even double pillow top. We have a pillow top mattress that has to have deep fitted pockets in order for the sheets to stay under the mattress and it is really hard to find the perfect sheets for comfort, quality and size. With these sheets I found out quick that they meet all three requirements that I was looking for in a sheet. Greg is a hot nature person and only likes to sleep with a sheet but about 90% of the time he sleeps with no covers. Since changing our sheets to PeachSkin Sheets he sleeps all night covered without waking because he is sweating. I know in the past when washing and drying sheets they tend to shrink, wrinkle and peel. With PeachSkin Sheets their sheets do neither. I have washed several times since receiving and drying has been a breeze. Dry time is around 15 minutes so now I do not have to wait by the dryer for my bedding to finish because they are ready in no time at all. They still fit with no shrinkage and no peeling or fuzzes. I will definitely be ordering more sheet sets as I have my eye on at least two other colors. 


You can read more about the benefits of their fabric here. There are 13 beautiful colors to choose from. Not sure which color you want to try take part in their Color Swatch program here to find the perfect color to match your room and decor. 

Visit PeachSkin Sheets website today and pick out your favorite color and be on your way to a better, softer sleep. Be sure to check out their Monthly Specials on Facebook and their website. 

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