Smart Planning For Your Child’s Education

As a parent, we only seek to find only the best for our children. It is a constant worry and struggles to lead them to the right path and teach them the right ways in life. When it comes to education, trends have notoriously shifted. Many schools became inaccessible for some children due to their high fees and skyrocket entry rules and conditions. Molding your child into a responsible and righteous person is every parents’ goal, and for that, and many other reasons, choosing the right education is of utmost importance. It all commences with smart planning, and here are a few guidelines on how to do that.

Up to 5 years

Babies and toddlers at this stage don’t need much only food, clothing, playtime and to cover the expenses of day-care. This is a fantastic period to do excessive savings and invest in life insurance savings in the long run. Investing firmly into savings plan is a powerful tool for the future because you are setting money aside because your child only has toy and food cravings. You don’t need to worry much about education at this stage. Since kindergartens don’t cost much, here you only have to try to set growth financial plans, so that you would have enough savings when the time comes to send your child for higher education. Setting a steady target date for child’s investment and savings plan is vital in order to have a reasonable amount of money for their education.

Primary school age

Children who go to primary school, and all those kids up to age 12 again don’t need much financial assistance/ You must take care of the basic necessities, pay the child’s admission to the school, health care, tutoring classes, and other smaller necessities like books and clothing. At this stage, you can still maintain the major focus on future education savings. As you child slowly grows he is showing off various desires and talents such as dancing, football, swimming, which can be rather costly activities. If you recognize a specific talent, no matter the cost, you should try to support them and encourage them to work harder if that is what the are good at. Investing in sport and extra curriculum activities can be lucrative and positive for their’s education since they might even make a career out of it. If they are not so keen on some activity, don’t push them, rather intrigue them with something different.

Teenage years

Starting from the age of 13 and above, children are more inclined to express their career path, and they are more focused on the goals they wish to achieve in life. During this period, it is essential for the parent to spend some of the savings in order to invest in their future education. College admissions and fees vary from country to country, from town to town, however, one thing is certain, a parent will do everything in their power to fulfill their child’s dream. Even though children might know what they want to do in the future, as a parent you should not allow them to pick a college on their own. Deciding on the college they are going to attend should be a mutual thing. It is fairly easy to locate a quality English college, but you should focus on the proximity of public transport, location, extra curriculum activities, the reputation, and the staff and refer here for more in-depth information. 

Above 15 years

Investing in children’s future is a never-ending thing. At this point, your children have chosen their career path and might have enrolled their desired college, but there will always be some financial items that you might need to cover. Your savings might have covered the majority of college admissions and fees, as well as the main transport and campus costs. If you reckon that they are too young to do some freelance job to earn extra cash, you would need to cover their expenses for food, utilities and other. Here is where your early age smart planning comes into action. Unit-linked insurance plans come into action at this stage, so you would be covered for major expenses.

Investing in your child’s education is, on the one hand, a parents obligation. On the other hand, is a smart choice because life is unpredictable.


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Back to School: Save on the HP Envy x360 Laptop at Best Buy

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

School will be in session in just a few weeks. I am thinking ahead to the outfits and shoes that are needed for the year. I am planning for supplies in the classroom and at home, and I am preparing myself for the reality that we need to add another computer to our house so that we can give the boys the tools they need to research and prepare assignments.

HP Envy x360 Laptops

As a work from home mom, the computer is the most important of all of our back to school needs. I need a computer at my disposal too! Finding a great one that can handle my work load and do double duty for the boys when they have work to complete seemed to be a challenge, but then I discovered the HP Envy x360 from Best Buy. Let me tell you what I love about this option for students and working parents.
It has the Windows 10 operating system, which brings back the start menu I have been missing and it has a full HD touch screen. The color and clarity are mind blowing impressive with the 1920,1080 resolution.
HP Envy x360 Laptops
The HP Envy x360 has ample memory and high bandwidth to play games and videos smoothly. While the laptop might be primarily used for work and school, these features make fun a possibility too!
This laptop is available in both a 13″ and a 15″ size so that you can get the one that will fit your fingers and lap the best!
The Hp Envy x360 isn’t just a laptop. It is a true 2 in 1 device with a 360-degree flip and fold design. It is fast, thin and so user-friendly that I can’t wait to add one of these devices to our home!
HP Envy x360 Laptops


We have used and loved HP products for many years. This new version of a favorite is bound to be a much used and much-loved device in our home. Have you ever bought an HP laptop from Best Buy? I would love to hear about your experience in a comment!

Summer Essential Guide

Do you have everything to enjoy summer to the fullest? Life of a Southern Mom has teamed up with some of our favorite Companies to bring you our Summer Essentials Guide. Here you will find summer musts for the whole family.

The Summer Essentials Guide

Summer is here! Time for the pool, beach, lake, travel and so much more. Do you have everything to enjoy summer to the fullest? Life of a Southern Mom has teamed up with some of our favorite Companies to bring you our Summer Essentials Guide. Here you will find summer musts for the whole family. We have partnered with Cool Gear Inc., BubbleBum, Urban Halo and Coolibar, just to name a few. Check out the list below to help with all your summer essentials for the kids. 


Meeno Babies Cool Mee Stroller Liner Review

Cozy Cover Sun & Bug Infant Carrier Cover Review

Prince Lionheart SnoozeShade Deluxe Plus Review

BubbleBum Inflatable Booster Seat Review

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Urban Halo Headband Review

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SunGrubbies Low Tide Watersuit  Review

Aqua Leisure Patriot Over-sized Fabric Lounger Review

UV Sun Gear Sun Busters Toddler UPF50 + Rash Guard and Board Shorts Review 

Cool Gear E-Z Freeze Pure Freezer Filtration and Flavor Infuser Review

Baby Banz  UV Swim Goggles Review

Capresso Iced Tea Maker Review

Eagles Nest Outfitters SingleNest Hammock Review

Summer Essential Guide

Do you have everything to enjoy summer to the fullest? Life of a Southern Mom has teamed up with some of our favorite Companies to bring you our Summer Essentials Guide. Here you will find summer musts for the whole family.

We want to especially thank all of our sponsors for giving us the opportunity to feature your products in our first Summer Essential Guide. Please stop by all of their pages and show your appreciation.



Free Summer Reading Programs for Kids!

Summer is almost here and we have compiled a list of 11 incredible summer reading programs.

Are you looking for something educational and fun you can engage your children in this summer? I know to be a mom of three boys I want to keep them busy learning and having fun. While browsing the internet I came across some Summer Reading Programs that are free and wanted to share with you. 

Summer is almost here and we have compiled a list of 11 incredible summer reading programs. Click on any of the title links below or Download your Printable PDF here.

10 Week Summer Reading Camp – 10 Weeks of themed reading from complete with free printable worksheets, craft ideas, journals and more! New theme each week!

Audio Book Sync Teen 13+ Reading Program – May 5th through August 17th teens will receive 2 free audio books downloads per week.

Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Triathlon – Read three books and complete a journal to earn a FREE book. Opening Ceremony is Saturday, June 4th at 11 AM (attendance not mandatory) and turn in your completed journal between May 17 and September 6!

Book Adventure – Book Adventure is a fun, free way to get your child to read. Kids in grades k-8 can read offline, search for books, take quizzes on what they have read and earn prizes for their reading success.

Book Club by Pottery Barn – FREE story time each week. Plus, receive a FREE gift for joining the book club and attending story time five times.

Book It! by Pizza Hut – FREE downloadable reading packs and activities. Includes reading calendars, word search, activity calendars, mazes and more.

Summer is almost here and we have compiled a list of 11 incredible summer reading programs.

Chuck E. Cheese Reading Rewards – Complete a two-week reading calendar and receive 10 FREE tokens with any food purchase. BONUS – Complete additional reward calendars such as Terrific Teeth, Good Night’s Sleep, Daily Chores, Clean Room and Great Behavior.

Half Price Books Feed Your Brain Summer Reading Program – Half Price Books gives out free gift cards to kids (Pre-School – High School) who read books for 300 minutes during both June and July,

H-E-Buddy Summer Reading Club – Through October 1st, read 10 books and mail the completed reading log to receive your free t-shirt.

PBS Kid Summer Reading Program– 10 weeks packed full of fun adventures, explorations with all of PBS Kids favorites.

Public Libraries – Check with your local public library to see if they offer a summer reading program. Most of them do and offer various rewards or participation incentives!

Scholastic Summer Reading Program – Available May 9 to September 9. Read and log minutes all summer long. Unlock stories, earn rewards and enter for a chance to win Klutz books!

Sylvan Learning’s Book Adventure – Search for books, read them, answer quiz questions and earn prizes! BONUS – Download their recommended summer reading list for grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12.

TD Bank Summer Reading Program – Read 10 books and complete the summer reading form to receive $10 in a new or existing TD Simple Savings account.


What books is your child enjoying this summer?


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Positive Ways to React When Your Child Misbehaves

The way that you react to your child’s behavior has a profound effect on how they act in the future. They look up to you, not only to tell them how to behave but also to teach them by example. Reacting too strongly (or not strongly enough) to misbehavior can lead to repeated issues which can last indefinitely. Consider the following advice to correct your child’s behavior and remain a positive influence at the same time. Here are a few positive ways to react when your child misbehaves.

As parents, it's our job to teach our children how to navigate the world around them. Reacting negatively to misbehavior can affect your kids during their childhood and later when they become parents themselves. Stay firm, patient and positive and your kids will develop positive habits too.

Keep Your Cool

The most important thing to keep in mind when your child misbehaves is to remain calm. Losing your cool while trying to improve your child’s behavior doesn’t set a positive example of how to act in stressful situations.

Always deal with these situations as they come up before you have time to get frustrated. If you’re feeling upset or overwhelmed with your child, let him (or her) know that this behavior is affecting you. Chances are, he’ll probably want to make you feel better.

Don’t Pay Attention to Misbehavior

Children often act out because they are looking for attention, whether it’s positive or not. If yelling or throwing a tantrum proves to be a good way to get your attention, they will undoubtedly keep doing it whenever they see fit.

Of course, you can’t ignore misbehavior completely; you need to make sure your child stays safe. But, try to avoid showing extra attention to him because of negative actions. As another example, if your child throws a tantrum because he wants a toy at the store, try telling him that you won’t talk about it until he calms down.

Take Notice of Good Behavior

Children react very positively to encouragement and approval. Make sure that you praise your children for good habits and behavior so that they feel like they’ve done a good job. Not only that – praise also makes your child feel more capable, which is good for self-esteem. If your child gets no encouragement or attention from positive actions, he may turn to misbehavior in order to feel noticed.

Stay Firm

Usually, when parents clearly and firmly demand that their child do something, that child generally knows that there aren’t any other options. However, this isn’t always the case. Use a calm tone of voice when speaking with your child. Let him know that you mean what you say.

As parents, it's our job to teach our children how to navigate the world around them. Reacting negatively to misbehavior can affect your kids during their childhood and later when they become parents themselves. Stay firm, patient and positive and your kids will develop positive habits too.

If your child tries to talk you into changing your mind, calmly tell him that it isn’t happening and he needs to do as told. Of course, being firm doesn’t mean yelling or being mean to your children. Just don’t give in to them, and eventually, they won’t try to sway you at every opportunity.

Learn to Accept Mistakes

Children make mistakes in how they behave, just like adults sometimes do. It’s important to remember that kids aren’t tiny grown-ups and lack much of the knowledge and experience that many adults have picked up over the years.

Misbehavior may not be desirable, but it is a perfectly normal part of being a kid. By teaching your child how to behave better, rather than simply scolding them for bad behavior, you help to make sure they understand what they can do to behave better from that point forward.

As parents, it’s our job to teach our children how to navigate the world around them. Reacting negatively to misbehavior can affect your kids during their childhood and later when they become parents themselves. Stay firm, patient and positive and your kids will develop positive habits too.

Ways to Make Your Kids Eat Healthy Food

Ways to Make Your Kids Eat Healthy Foods

Getting your kids to eat healthy may be a challenge but it doesn’t have to be a difficult one. It’s all about positive relationship with both your kid and food. The major rule in every parent-child relationship and your initiative to raise a healthy kid is the fact that children do what they see their parents do. So, if you want to get your kids to eat healthier foods, you have to follow the same diet as well. Eating healthy may actually seem like a bigger problem to adults than it does to kids, which is why it’s important to utilize the following tips.

Don’t buy junk food

This is a pretty simple strategy that can result in everyone in your household getting healthier and eating a more balanced diet. All you have to do is to stop buying junk food and snacks. Instead, make sure that you always have fresh ingredients, healthy snacks, and natural juices to choose from. Organizing your grocery shopping list can help a lot in this case. For starters, stop buying more food than your whole household can consume before it goes bad. In order to do this, you can meal plan effectively at least a week in advance. Of course, try to opt for recipes that can always be adjusted a little, or use similar ingredients so that you add diversity to family meals. This routine will help the kids get used to eating whatever you prepare them, as well as help them stay away from junk food without actually, you have to pressure them to do so.

Make things interesting

The biggest issue for parents is to get their kids to eat fruits and veggies. One of the best tricks, in this case, is to make fruits and veggies more interesting. Aside from adding the fruits and vegetables to your regular meals in a way that kids wouldn’t really notice or pay much attention to, you can also shape fruits and veggies in interesting and funny ways that would make the kids want to try them. Also, smoothies and smoothie ice creams are sweet and tasty, and kids probably won’t have any complaints about eating those. However, if your kids have a strong dislike towards a specific fruit or vegetable, don’t force them to eat. The great thing about fruits and veggies is that there are plenty of healthy choices, and it would be a lot more beneficial in the long run to let the children choose healthy alternative they like instead of making them eat something against their will.

Fruits and Veggies on a kids plate

The freedom of choice

Speaking of letting your kids choose what they want to eat, this is truly a great way to direct them to the right diet path and have them discover plenty of healthy options they truly enjoy. For instance, always keep a couple of different snack options available for the situations when your kids want to snack. You don’t have to reprimand them about the benefits of one snack and the negative aspects of another as soon as they ask for a snack. Instead, tell them to go pick whatever they want. As they see a big choice, they won’t really mind the nature of the snack. They will still go for something they like and that’s good for them because the freedom of choice will make them happy and content.


Ways to make your kids eat healthy foods

Keep your food fresh

As mentioned, don’t get more food than you need. There’s no reason to waste money and resources like that. Actually, you can use the saved up money to invest in one of top quality Electrolux refrigerators that will both keep your food fresh for longer and will be kid-friendly. This is a very important aspect since kids find it especially rewarding to be able to get their own food from the fridge. That being said, don’t hesitate to let your culinary creativity flow, and always have healthy and tasty smoothies as well as interestingly cut up fruits in your fridge where kids can easily reach for them.

Play games with your kids

Do you remember how you used to draw pictures of a nice and bad smile with different foods drawn for each one when you were little? You can try the same approach with your kids but make it even more fun and informative! Don’t limit the game to the healthy smile, but also include a game where your kids should separate foods that are good for their brain/eyes/heart/etc. from ones that are the complete opposite. Make silly faces as you do this to boost the learning through visuals and entertainment.

It’s paramount that you avoid force-feeding, reprimanding and especially appearance shaming in regard to your child’s food and diet. Eating healthy should become a habit and a free choice, not stress and pressure. As they grow up, it’s perfectly normal and logical that your kids will get to eat junk food on certain occasions. But if they have a healthy relationship with good food, they will always come back to that.


Do you struggle with getting your kids to eat healthy foods? We’d love to hear them.

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