St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Trap & Bait

St. Patrick’s Day is rounding the corner. Whether you get decked out in green every year or never really celebrate, this craft is sure to get you and your family in the spirit! Make some leprechaun bait and a trap to try and catch one of those silly little fellas!

Leprechaun bait is a crowd-pleasing snack with a festive look and delightful taste. There is even a delicious healthy version! The salty and sweet mix is great for movie night while the veggies are perfect for an afterschool snack.

What’s more, Personal Creations created a tag for your leprechaun bait that makes for adorable goodie bags. Download the printable, cut and fold along the respective lines, and staple to your treat bag. Your little ones will love the cute rhyme!

Now that you have your bait, it’s time to lay the trap. Help your children cut, fold, and glue to build a tiny little leprechaun house. Add St. Patrick’s themed decor, such as a pot of gold, and your tasty bait to complete the trap.

Leave it overnight and check for a leprechaun in the morning. If you caught a leprechaun, he has to grant you three wishes in order to be released. It’s also possible that the pesky guy got away with some of your gold and treats.

Just like the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, and Santa, the whole family can enjoy the thrill of receiving a visit from a St. Patrick’s Day leprechaun!

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St Patricks Day Crafts for Kids

10 St Patick's Day Rainbow Crafts for KidsCan you believe it’s almost March already?!  That means St.Patricks Day is almost here. When I was a kid St Patricks Day was one of my favorite holidays. We always did so many fun crafts/activities in school. I remember being in elementary and the leprechaun would come in our classroom while we were gone to recess and make a mess and leave us treats. It was always so much fun to see what he had left us.

I have put together a round up of 10 St Patricks Day Rainbow Crafts for Kids. You and your kiddos are sure to have a blast spending time together making these awesome crafts!

1. End of the Rainbow Paper Plate Twirler from Crafty Morning

End of the Rainbow Paper Plate Swirler

2. Shamrock Rainbow Necklaces from Mamas Like Me

Shamrock Rainbow Necklace

3. Streamer Rainbows from Happiness is Homemade


4. Rainbow Preschool Craft from The Nerd’s Wife


5. Rainbow Slime from Learn Play Imagine


6. Washi Tape Rainbow Craft from I Heart Crafty Things


7. Rainbow Windsock from My Little 3 and Me


8. Rainbow Treasure Slime from Growing a Jewled Rose


9. Pipe Cleaner Rainbow from Still Playing School


10. Paper Plate Sunshine Craft from Daisy Cottage Designs


Do you have any fun St Patricks Day memories to share? We would love for you to leave a comment and tell us about them.

LEGO Crafts and Activities

Lego Crafts and Activities

Legos are so much more than a toy! I like to think of the always present pile of Legos in my house as a pile of tools to the imagination! My boys learn so much from a good brick building session! When my kids are passionate about an activity I like to offer them encouragement and support of their interest, so I found these Awesome 14 Lego Ideas for Kids! 

  1. Lego DIY Necklaces by Lemon Lime Adventures
  2. Lego Playdough by Lemon Lime Adventures
  3. Lego Crayons by Crystal & Co.
  4. Lego Calm Down Jar by Lemon Lime Adventures
  5. Travel Lego Box by Cherished Bliss
  6. Suprise Lego Bath Bombs by Lemon Lime Adventures
  7. Lego Rescue Soap by Fire Flies and Mudpies
  8. Lego Clean Mud by Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails
  9. Lego Math Games from Nurture Store
  10. Lego Slime by Lemon Lime Adventures
  11. Lego Science Ice Excavation Experiment by Lemon Lime Adventures
  12. Lego Head DIY Pencil Holder by Fun Crafts Kids
  13. Lego Mini Planters by Fun Family Crafts
  14. Lego Marble Maze by Fun Family Crafts
  15. Lego Bird Feeders by Fun Crafts Kids

These are such fun ideas that they are sure to help your kids build an awesome learning experience via hands-on play! I can’t wait to hear which of these ideas are your favorite!


LEGO Brownies

LEGO Themed Cupcakes

LEGO Sugar Cookies

LEGO Rice Krispy Treats

20 Mother’s Day Crafts from Kids

Mothers day crafts

There is nothing quite as sweet as a handmade craft. This mother’s day, why not show a special mom in your life how much you care with a one of a kind gift from the heart and the hands? I have found 20 Mother’s Day Crafts that you will love!

1. Three Dimensional Mother’s Day Card
2. Handprint Cupcake Card
3. Handprint Flower Pot Craft
4. Mother’s Day Bouquet
5. Handprint Flower Bouquet Craft
6. Kid Made Picture Frame Vase
7. Firefly Light Up My Life For Mother’s Day
8. Fingerprint Art Kid’s Mother’s Day Bookmark
9. Egg Carton Flowers Mother’s Day Kid Craft
10. Mother’s Day Hand Print Charm Craft
11. Mother’s Day Bouquet Plastic Fork Tulips Craft
12. Mother’s Day Initial Button Craft
13. I Whaley Love You Mother’s Day Card
14. Thumbprint Caterpillar Flower Pot
15. Love You Berry Much Fingerprint Mother’s Day Card
16. Mother’s Day Gift Tea Cup
17. Quick Mother’s Day Handprint Craft
18. Day Card Craft
19. Mother’s Day Paper Flower Bouquet
20. Mother’s Day Flower Garden


If you are looking for even more craft ideas for the special day you might want to check out these 16 Mothers Day Craft ideas too! If you have an idea for a fantastic last minute mother’s day craft, please be sure to leave a comment!

16 Mothers Day Craft for Kids to Make

mothers day crafts for kids

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and I have some fantastic ideas for you if you want to give a special woman in your life a one of a kind, handmade gift! These craft ideas are the perfect way to say Happy Mother’s Day! These 16 Mother’s Day Crafts are guaranteed to give her the warm fuzzy feelings of appreciation and affection!

1. Mother’s Day Mailbox
2. Pedicure in a Jar
3. Handprint Flower Bouquet
4. I Love You Because Mother’s Day Craft
5. Handmade Bouquet
6. Sharpie Mug
7. Yarn Vase
8. Mother’s Day Button Heart
9. Simple Printed Mother’s Day Card
10. World’s Sweetest Mom
11. Homemade Mother’s Day Noodle Frame
12. Mother’s Day Kids Flower Art
13. Bath Bombs
14. Sugar Scrub
15. Mother’s Day Lip Balm Card
16. Milk Bottle Stained Glass Heart


I also have 20 Mother’s Day Crafts if you need more fantastic handmade gift ideas! I can’t wait to hear what your favorite craft is!

25 St. Patrick’s Day Printables

25 St Patricks Printables

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner! In honor of the luckiest day of the year, I’m sharing 25 FREE St. Patrick’s Day printables. These printables are the perfect way to add some luck to your home this St. Patrick’s Day. Just click on each of the links for instructions on how to download and print them.

  1. St. Patrick’s Day Subway Art Prints
  2. St. Patrick’s Oh so Lucky to Have You Printable
  3. Lucky Printable Banner
  4. You are my Lucky Charm Breakfast Printable
  5. Rainbow St. Patrick’s Day Printables
  6. Leprechaun Loot Printable
  7. St. Patrick’s Day Treat Bag Printables
  8. Lucky Lunchbox Printables
  9. You’ve Been Pinched Printable Kit
  10. St. Patrick’s Day Pot of Gold Printable
  11. Lucky Shamrock Printables
  12. Kiss Me I’m Irish Printable
  13. St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock
  14. Free Printable Leprechaun Notes
  15. St. Patrick’s Day Countdown
  16. Printable St. Patrick’s Day Lunch Notes
  17. St. Patrick’s Day Free Prints
  18. St. Patrick’s Day Good Friend Printable
  19. Celtic Lucky Shamrock Printable
  20. St. Patrick’s Day Lucky Banner
  21. Rainbow Shamrocks
  22. Ombre Shamrock Printable
  23. Kiss Me Printable
  24. St. Patrick’s Day Good Luck Printable
  25. The Lucky One Printable
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