DIY Valentines M&M in a Jar!

valentines m&ms in a jar

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and this year, I have a sweet gift idea for you that will deliver smiles and treats in a pretty package. I love this idea because it is simple enough for anyone to make and it is budget friendly!
You will need basic supplies like a mason jar, M&M’s and ribbon. You can print the labels for free below to add a pretty touch to your Valentine’s Gift. This is a great gift idea for special friends, teachers and neighbors. I hope you leave a comment and let me know who you would make this M&M in a jar Valentine’s Day gift for!



  • 1 bag Valentine M&M’s
  • 1 Pint Mason Jar


  1. Fill the mason jar with m&ms.
  2. Print the printable label out and glue to the top of the jar. 
  3. Add your favorite ribbon around the top for extra decor. 

To print the labels below just right click, and save, or click the link here: Print these labels 


23 Father’s Day Crafts & Recipes

fathers day roundup

Father’s Day is near and now is the time to start cooking and creating things to steal Dad’s heart and let him know exactly how you feel about him! This year my boys are going to be crafting up a few fun things and I will be cooking up a few things to share with our hero, Daddy! This list contains some amazing ideas that your special guy is sure to love! I can’t wait to hear which of these Father’s Day Crafts and Recipes you will be making for your Dad!

1. Best Pop Father’s Day Kettle Corn
2. Father’s Day Craft DIY Beverage Holder
3. Homemade Dough Art Father’s Day Frame
4. Upcycled Nuts & Bolts Heart Craft
5. Daddy Tackle Box
6. Love you To Pieces
7. Father’s Day Craft Personalized Necktie
8. Handmade Gift Tied Together For Father’s Day
9. Father’s Day Pop Magnets
10. Easy Father’s Day World’s Best Pop Printable
11. Lawnmower Cupcakes
12. World’s Best Dad Cookie Recipe
13. Washi Tape Father’s Day Card
14. Dad I Dig You Father’s Day Craft
15. Barbell Cookies
16. Father’s Day Tie Cupcakes
17. Father’s Day Monster Hug Card
18. Dad Doughnuts
19. Father’s Day Wooden Sign
20. Baseball Krispie Treats
21. Cookies -N- Cream Fudge Rocks
22. Father’s Day Appetizers
23. Man Cakes for Father’s Day

Printable Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. What better way for the kids to exchange Valentine’s that with these cute printable cards. The Valentines cards will print out in the size of a 2 x 3 which is the perfect size for Valentines Day Cards! My friend over at My Blessed Southern Life, was kind enough to offer my readers a chance to print these cards to share with your kids and their classmates and friends. 

To print the Happy Valentine’s Day card visit HERE and to print the Be My Valentine! card visit HERE. Both of these links will take you straight to the printable so that you can print away. I hope you all have a Happy Valentine’s Day and your kids enjoy them as much as her little girl did when she shared with her preschool friends. 

*Please do not sell these as your own, if you want to place them on your own blog, email*

12 Easy Pumpkin Crafts


Hey ya’ll! It is fall! That means it is time to start decorating, baking and crafting! My kids are super excited for pumpkins, so we have been making crafts to hold them over until we visit our local pumpkin patch! If your kids like to craft and they love pumpkins, you won’t want to miss these 12 Easy Pumpkin Crafts! These ideas are as easy to make as they are cute.

  1. Dollar Store DIY Fall Wreath
  2. Homemade Crayon Pumpkins 
  3. Five Little Pumpkin Finger Play Glove Craft 
  4. Halloween Crafts
  5. DIY Candy Corn Wreath 
  6. Edible Pumpkin Play Dough DIY Fall Play Date
  7. Button Pumpkin Shadow Box Picture Halloween
  8. DIY Tutorial Mini Pallet Fall Sign
  9. Toilet Roll Pumpkins 
  10. Gratitude Pumpkins
  11. Chalkboard Pumpkin Craft
  12. Lunch Box Pumpkin Surprises

Do you have a favorite easy pumpkin craft? I would love to hear about it in a comment so I can recreate it with my kids!


17 Ghostly Halloween Crafts for Kids

 My kids are already looking forward to Halloween! They are debating the virtues of various costumes, admiring the decorations showing up in stores and they are anxious to start crafting!
This year, I have found some awesome Halloween craft ideas for the kids that I can’t wait to make with them! From cute ghostly footprints to awesome and easy DIY ghost face t shirts, there is something on this list for every Halloween-loving family to make and display!
  1. DIY Ghost Toys
  2. Sock Ghosts
  3. Contact Paper Ghosts
  4. Paper Plate Ghosts
  5. Ghostly Garland
  6. Easy Outdoor Ghost Decorations
  7. 3 Little Ghosties
  8. Foot Print Ghosts
  9. Dixie Ghost Craft
  10. Milk Jug Ghosts
  11. Countdown Ghost
  12. Spooky Expanding Ghost
  13. Ghostly Window Clings
  14. Ghost Face T Shirts
  15. Spooky Pencil Toppers
  16. Felt Ghouls and Ghosts
  17. Salt Ghosts
Which of these 17 Ghostly Halloween crafts are you going to make with your children first? We couldn’t resist the Spooky Expanding Ghost Activity. If you have a favorite ghost craft, I would love to hear about it in a comment!

10 Fun Frankenstein Crafts for Kids

Halloween is such a fun time of year for kids and kids at heart! This year, we are planning to make a lot of fun crafts and to do a lot of decorating with the kids arts and crafts!

10 fun Frankenstein crafts for kids
I found 10 Fun Frankenstein Crafts that my boys are anxious to make and display! From upcycled Monster Yard Lights to putting a simple spin on snacking with Frankie, these ideas are almost irresistibly adorable!

Frankenstein Yard Light
Peek A Boo Frankie
Frankstein Craft Stick Craft
Monster Jars
Frankenstein Treat Cups
Halloween Monster Puppets
Footprint Frankenstein
Craft Stick Frankenstein and Bride
Frankenstein Night Lights

Which of these Frankenstein crafts do you think your family will have the most fun with? I love the simplicity of the Easy Halloween Popsicle Stick Puppets and I can’t wait to make a DIY Frankenstein Night Light!

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