How to Throw a Smokin’-Hot Party with a Little Fireman Theme

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little fireman birthday party supplies

Sound the alarms, fire up the engines, and get the party started with Little Fireman party supplies from Birthday Express! For all the little boys and girls who aspire to fight fires when they grow up – this is the party theme for them! Not sure what you’ll need to pull off a 5-alarm party blowout? Birthday Express to the rescue! From plates to party favors, they have all the gear you need to throw a glowing party. 

Little Fireman Supplies – The heroic party experts at Birthday Express help you create a one-of-a-kind celebration with their complete Little Fireman Party in a Box – Deluxe – 8 Guests! The supplies in the box have everything you need for a smokin’-hot birthday celebration, including Little Fireman dinner plates, dessert plates, cups, napkins, cutlery and tablecovers.

Little Fireman Decorations and Favors – Turn your home into a firehouse with fireman themed backdrops, cardboard standups, and Little Fireman wall decals! Add red, orange, and yellow streamers and balloons and you’ve got a party that will set your little one’s face aglow. The Fire Trucks Empty Favor Boxes can also work double-duty as personalized decor and as a goodie box for guests. 

Little Fireman Food & Drink – Firefighters work hard, so they need sustenance to keep them going! Create a fruit and veggie plate with orange, yellow, and red food items, such as bell peppers, carrots, strawberries, oranges, and cherries. For some added flare, have a bowl of hot tamale candies and spicy chips! For drinks, definitely include water (of course!), and perhaps some red punch. You could also give each guest their own Fire Hydrant Cup to drink out of! 

Lastly, make the birthday child feel like the hero of the party with their very own fireman costume and fire chief hat… the helmets also make a great party favor! Check out some of the fun Little Fireman party supplies below: 

Little Fireman Party in a Box – Deluxe – 8 Guests

Fire Hydrant Cup

Fire Trucks Empty Favor Boxes

How to Throw the Perfect Avengers Themed Birthday Party

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Avengers Birthday Party Supplies

Not even Loki can stop you from throwing the best birthday ever when you order Avengers Party Supplies from Birthday Express. Invite Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, the Incredible Hulk and the rest of the team to your little superhero’s celebration! Speaking of superheros … you’ll be the hero of the day with these Avengers birthday party ideas!

Invitations – Invite friends and thank them for coming with Avengers Assemble Invitations & Thank-You Postcards. Inside each invitation you could add Avengers Assemble Tattoos which are non-toxic and easy to apply and remove. With each thank you card you could include a photo of the birthday boy or girl and their heroic friends together! Guests will love having a memento from the party to remind them of the fun time they had. 

Party Decor – What better way to unite the whole team than by giving each guest their own Avengers Masks? Add some red, white, and blue balloons, ceiling streamers, and the Avangers Assemble Wall Decorating Kit and your superheros will feel right at home.

Food & Drink – All superheros need to replenish their powers, and what better way to do so than with a snack tray of fruits and vegetables with little labels that tell each hero how it strengthens them (e.g. carrots = “super vision;” blueberries = “super mind”). And we all know what a mess those Avengers can sometimes make, so theAvengers Assemble Plastic Tablecover is a must for any party. 

Avengers Assemble Value Party Pack

Avengers Pinata Kit

Fun in the Sun Olaf Party Ideas

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Olaf Frozen Birthday Party Supplies

Planning a party can sometimes be stressful, but our favorite snowman inspires so many fun-filled party ideas, it’ll be easy to get caught-up in the festivities. Olaf would encourage you to let it go, make it your own, and snowball the following ideas into your own memorable party. And, of course, Birthday Express has everything you need!

Invitations – Send out an invite to guests asking, “Would you like to build a snowman?” Then, on the inside, it could read, “Then come join the fun with Olaf and friends at _____’s birthday party! And be sure to bring warm hugs!” You could also make each invite in the shape of a snowflake or include a Felt Snowflake Sticker inside the invite.

Party Decor – With Olaf, you could throw a party with a winter decor or a summer decor since Olaf loves the sun! Definitely get the party started off right with the Disney Olaf Value Party Pack as it contains everything one needs for a party, including plates, cups, napkins, utensils – even balloons and thank- you notes! You could create a “pin the nose on Olaf” game, a “build your own snowman” table with rice crispy treats, and elevate the laughter with an Olaf 3D Pull-String Pinata. Decor can range from blue and white (e.g. lights, streamers, balloons, and snowflakes) to sun, surf, and sand decorations. Be sure to add the Olaf Balloon Bouquet – it’ll definitely give your party a lift. 

Food & Drink – Bring together marshmallows, pretzel sticks, black licorice, and baby carrots and you’ve got yourself edible snowmen (no offense to Olaf, of course). Consider making “melted Olaf’s” with greek vanilla yogurt or vanilla pudding cups. You could make blue jello “ice block” jigglers, snowflake cookies, and blue icing-dipped pretzel sticks. For dessert you could have hot chocolate and s’mores, or get an Olaf-themed birthday cake!

Whatever you include in your party, the one thing that Olaf would insist on is that you make it happy and fun – with lots of warm hugs. Shop Disney’s Frozen Olaf Party Supplies now!

Olaf Frozen Birthday Party Supplies

Throw a Fun SpongeBob-Themed Birthday Party!

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Shop Online

Who doesn’t love SpongeBob? My boys I think have seen every episode more than once. I love hearing them laugh at all SpongeBob’s silly things. Can’t forget SpongeBob’s best friend Patrick, and pet Gary or Squidward and Eugene. Get out the magic conch! Birthday Express has everything you need to throw a SpongeBob Birthday Party!

They have so many great SpongeBob birthday decorations that your only challenge will be deciding on which ones to use! Here are a few ideas that will compliment any SpongeBob party theme:

Invitations – Let SpongeBob’s smiling face get your guests in the adventurous spirit with SpongeBob Invitations! You can also personalize them by gluing them to an actual sponge or cutting a starfish or pineapple from stock paper and including it inside the invitation with a special message for your guests.

Party Decor – Birthday Express has it all when it comes to SpongeBob birthday decorations. SpongeBob Scene Setter Decoration Set is a must-have for an underwater-themed party. And what would SpongeBob say about a party without table decorations or a pinata? Barnacles, that’s what! You can also hang blue streamers from the ceiling to resemble waves and green ones for seaweed. And, of course, don’t forget to play SpongeBob music in the background!

Food & Drink – What better food to put on SpongeBob Classic Square Dinner Plates than fish sticks, SpongeBob Pirate’s Booty popcorn, goldfish crackers, and Krusty Krab Cakes (actual crab cakes or hamburgers). You can also make yellow cake cupcakes with yellow frosting and showcase them on the SpongeBob Cupcake Stand.

And most of all … have F.U.N. the SpongeBob way:

F is for friends who do stuff together
is for you and me
N is for anywhere and anytime at all
Down here in the deep blue sea!

SpongeBob Squarepants Value Party Pack

SpongeBob Classic Filled Party Favor Box

Spongebob Squarepants Pinata Kit

What does your first birthday gift say about you?

What Does Your Birthday Gift Say About You?

Within the past few months, I have attended several first birthday parties. Within the next few months I will be attending several more. There is not a whole lot of effort on the part of the guests at these functions. For the most part you show up with a gift, have some snacks while the kids crawl/toddle around, watch a baby make a mess (or not) with his/her cake, watch parents try to get their kid to cooperate and pretend to help open the presents, and then you’re all done. Kids at this age don’t have the attention span or nap span to really do much else.

Because of this, the first birthday gift opening is really one of the key elements of the event. This means everyone is going to be paying attention to what you thought was an appropriate gift for someone who has lived on this earth for 365 days. So, pick a gift that will make an impression! 


You might be a parent of older children and can’t quite remember what little kids like or do. That’s okay, mom will just have to put it up on a really high shelf along with the Legos someone gave them for Christmas. These are nice gifts, but the birthday boy will have to wait a few years to get to play with them.


You forgot to get a gift. Hopefully, you at least bought a card so you aren’t just handing the parent a wad of cash like you are paying back a debt or handing them a check like you are paying the caterer. The only times you might not seem like a procrastinator are if you live out of state and mailed it in a card OR if the parents specifically requested no gifts.

Noise Making Toy

You are the cool uncle or the twenty-something friend with no children. Honestly the parents are going to be irritated by this toy in less than a week and someone is going to “lose” it in the back of a closet. Here is the test to see if your toy is too annoying: plan a road trip of no less than 6 hours with at least two other people. One person’s job is to mash the buttons, bang on it, blow through it, what have you at random intervals no greater than 5 minutes apart. The other person can be your conversation companion and alternate driving with you if you wish. If anyone should fall asleep, the intervals between toy use should decrease to no more than one minute apart. By the end of the trip, if you are ready to throw the toy out the window (or if you already did), don’t expect little Junior to be playing with it the next time you visit.

Teething Toy

This gift depends on what teething toy you selected. If it’s Sophie, you’re probably a pretty trendy mom who has one and swears by it. If it’s something you found in the Target dollar bins and it is unclear whether it’s for babies or dogs, you might be a pet owner but not a parent. Put it back and try again.

Ride on/Push Walker

You are either a grandparent or you are trying to one-up everyone else at this event. If you are grandma and you buy this for your little angel, that is sweet and your darling grandbaby is going to love every moment spent interacting with it. If you are not, everyone is looking at you in a confused manner because this is not a typical “friend of the mom” gift. If you bought one of these and you are not grandma, you may want to re-think your gift. Exception: if a group of co-workers go in on this together, you are golden (as long as the grandparents don’t shoot you dirty looks).

Board Book

This is a pretty tried and true gift from one parent of a little one to another. Board books are quiet. They encourage language and literacy. They don’t rip apart at the drop of a hat or disintegrate in the toilet. They aren’t huge and take up a corner of the room and they come in lots of different topics. If you’re looking for some ideas, check out our Great Bedtime Board Books.

Developmentally/Age appropriate toys

If you thought, “This would be perfect to help develop the birthday girl’s fine motor/language/vocabulary/social skills,” then you probably have a degree in early childhood education or you have done a lot of reading about the subject. Although your present may not be the hit of the party, it will probably be one of the most play with over time.

Have you bought a first birthday gift? What suggestions do you have for selecting a winner for a one year old?

How to Throw the Perfect PAW Patrol Themed Birthday Party

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Paw Patrol birthday party supplies

Does your little one have a birthday coming up? If so, check out the all new Party of the Month below because it looks like the Paw Patrol is here for the job. Planning a party for a child can sometimes be difficult especially when there is a theme involved. We’re helping you plan the perfect Paw Patrol birthday for your little one without the hassle. Check out all the details below.

No job is too big, no pup is too small!

The Party of the Month is Paw Patrol! And, of course, Birthday Express has all paws on deck to help you plan the pawww-urfect Paw Patrol-themed party. Here are some fun ideas that are sure to get your tail waggin’!

Invitations – Get your guests into the Paw Patrol party spirit with these Paw Patrol Invitations! The package includes 8 invitations (with envelopes) and features all of the Paw Patrol team.

Party Decor – With Birthday Express’ Paw Patrol Scene Setter and Swirl Decorations, your guests will be transported to Adventure Bay with Ryder, Chase, Marshall, Rubble, Rocky, and the rest of the gang! You could provide each guest their own Paw Patrol Paper Mask when they walk in the door, and there’s even Paw Patrol Ribbons and Medals that can be given away as prizes with your Paw Patrol Party Games

Food & Drink – The possibilities are endless for food and drink at a Paw Patrol Party. In addition to Paw Patrol Party Games, you could get various-sized dog bowls and use them for chips, dip, candy, and other snacks. You could also make dog bone-shaped sandwiches or cookies! And the birthday boy or girl will love the Party Patrol Birthday Cake Candle Set.

As Marshall says … I’m fired up!!!!! about Birthday Express’ new Paw Patrol theme!

PAW Patrol Party in a Box – Deluxe – 8 Guests

PAW Patrol Party Favor Box

Dog Bone 18″ Pinata
Southern Carolina Family