pairtreelogoDo you ever look in your closet and find shoes, sandals or flip flops just lying around, then you look for the other pair but it’s gone missing?  I can totally relate to this. I sometimes ask my kids and husband have you seen my black flip flop or my white sandals with the star we bought at the beach? I can literally turn my house upside down looking for shoes. Flip flops to me are an almost year round kind of accessory. Its like a must have for me. I have more flip flops in the bottom of my closet than any other type of shoe.


I recently had the opportunity to try out My Pair Tree Flip Flop Holder. I didn’t even know they made these types of things. Mary Ellen Hathorn, is a professional artist and grandmother who loves her grandchildren. She knew first hand by watching her grandchildren search for their favorite matching flip flop or sandals that she had to brainstorm an idea that would not only help her family but families everywhere. My Pair Tree is a multi-tasking, hanging flip flop holder and organizer in one. She had the vision to not only clean things up a bit buy to add some chic to function. These holders have been sold in Dilliard’s, The Container Store, Boutique Shops throughout the United States and also has been seen on the Today Show and Good Morning America. Her family has supported her and helps her behind the scenes to help her business thrive. They have recently started offering more products to compliment fun, stylish multi-purpose organizers from bright beach bags, picture frames and much more. Head over to her site and check out her full selection of products.


I received two My Pair Tree holders. The first one was brown with blue polka dots and the second one was pink, white and green. I was totally excited about trying out this new holder because I dread looking for missing shoes or having an unorganized closet that is full of mine and the hubby’s shoes. As you can see in the images the bottom of just my side of the closet and that’s only have the view of shoes. I couldn’t get them all in the picture so I snapped mostly where my flip flops are located. I took me a hanger and placed the holder onto it and then chose my 6 favorite pair of shoes. This was a little difficult when I love them all. (hehe) I hung the hanger over my closet door so that I could place each one on their hooks. Now I can easily hang my shoes in the front of  closet and not have to bend down and search for my shoes. They are within eye level and are easy to put on and take off. If you are like me and tend to misplace shoes or have kids who love to wear your shoes around the house and forget where they took them off then you need My Pair Tree. Or if you just love shoes and would like to keep them organized you need My Pair Tree. 


My Pair Tree Holders not only can hold six pair of flip flops or your favorite sandals but can hold belts, jewelry, scarves, stuffed animals, baby toys and more. With Christmas only a few short weeks away this would make the perfect gift for anyone who loves flip flops, sandals, jewelry, scarves etc. Last but not least they are very affordable and can be purchased for just $12.99 and they have 19 patterns to choose from. Since it is black Friday and most are out and have been out shopping I’ve done most in the comfort of my home in my pj’s. I went over and checked out My Pair Tree’s website and found two things I really hope Santa can bring me.


Check out this adorable Flip Flop Wine Glass and Initial Bookmark for under $15 each. (I love to read). I will definitely be adding these two things to my list for Santa this year. So what are you waiting for head over now  

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