Life of a Southern Mom received a 8″ Green Earth Pan by Ozeri. Ozeri is a company that manufacturers digital products for the modern home. Most Ozeri products can be found in vacation homes, European estates, spas and resorts and many other places. They serve the most luxurious residences that have the finest amenities and entertainment. 


This pan features Eterna the world’s longest lasting 100% PFOA-free no-stick coating that is developed here in the USA and is eco-friendly. This pan is very durable, scratch resistant and dishwasher safe. It also has a stainless steel heat resistant handle which is great when the pan gets hot. 


I love everything about this pan. I purchased a set of pot and pans a few years ago and it was suppose to be non-stick and dishwasher safe. Turns out the color faded and the black coating started wearing. With Ozeri I do not have to worry about it fading or the ceramic coating peeling.  As per the directions before using for the first time they recommend that you season you pan first with a tiny amount of oil to create a tiny film of oil. They do not recommend that you use high temperature while cooking, or nonstick sprays as it may release to much oil. It is also recommended that washing the pan in hot soapy water and drying with soft cloth will help prolong its life. Green Earth Pan allows you to fry, boil, bake or braise with less than half the amount of oil normally used to cook with. 

As you can see I made Greg some eggs for breakfast one morning without having to add oil to my pan. 
I have cooked with my new Ozeri Green Earth pan several times now and none of the foods have stuck to the pan making washing a breeze.
If you are needing new cookware that can help cut down the time you spend on cleaning the kitchen by washing those dishes that have food stuck on them I recommend you trying Ozeri products. Head over to their website and check out their full line of products. This pan comes in 3 different sizes 8″, 10″ and 12″ and can be purchased on Amazon. This is a great product to add to your collection of cook ware. 

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