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Laundry can be a huge task to overcome when you have a family that includes little ones. They can make a huge mess of their clothes, and you may be at a loss to know where to even begin with cleaning everything. All with Oxi comes to the rescue with it’s stain fighting power and you can even purchase them in liquid pacs form as well. Cleaning your family’s clothing has never been so easy.

Life of a Southern Mom was given the opportunity to try All with Oxi with her family. We received All Mighty Pacs with Oxi and All with Oxi Liquid Detergent for review. All Mighty Pacs with Oxi are tough on stains including grass, grape juice and even chocolate ice cream. They are also the detergent of Little League so you know that it is tough. It’s no wonder all the uniforms on the field looking amazingly clean. All has figured out the secret to fighting off the toughest stains that your kids can throw your way. All with Oxi is a concentrated cleaner and has all the power that you need including In-Wash Pre-Treaters. This treatment is safe to use in all different washing machines.


For the Mighty Pacs you just add the pac to the washing machine drum and then put your laundry in on top. All of the cleaning power that you expect from All is packed into this tiny little pac for a powerful clean and amazing results. Many of you have probably been wondering what exactly the outside of pacs are made out of, and I am here to tell you that it is a biodegradable, polyvinyl film that will easily dissolve in your machine. Mighty pacs are filled up with liquid detergent and then sealed up. They are meant for small and medium loads. For large loads you can place two of the Mighty Pacs into the drum. It is very important that you put the pac in before you put in your clothing. When the water comes into the drum the pac will dissolve completely releasing the active cleaning ingredients throughout the wash. The mighty pacs are pre-measured so that you have the right amount of detergent to clean your clothes right every single time.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about All Laundry products visit their website here. Also be sure to check out their All Free and Clear products.

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