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OMG Nail Strips

OMG Nail Strips is the future of nail art. It is a solution to the smelly and streaking nail polish and overly expensive manicures. They are unique nail designs, super easy to apply and can last up to 10 days. OMG Nail Strips makes the hottest nail design and style strips and make them affordable for everyday wear. 

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Simply Southern Couponers had the chance to work with OMG Nail Strips. I was able to pick out three designs so I picked out Black Stripes, Pink Pollock, and Purple Crackle. I am constantly changing my nail colors or doing something funky with my nails so I couldn’t wait to try it. I received them super fast, only about 3 days. I opened them up and couldn’t wait to try them on my nails. They are really easy to apply and the instructions that are available for them are really simple to follow. I have had them on for 5 days now and even after washing dishes, giving kids baths, and even bathing myself the strips are not showing the slightest fade. I have tried other brands, and the instructions are not clear or they start wearing away after just one day, but these have been great! They didn’t wrinkle up while trying to put them on like another expensive brand did, and if I didn’t get them perfectly on my nails, the OMG Nail Strips easily came up so I could re-position it to fit perfectly on my nails. I don’t think I will ever try another brand.


I recommend these for anyone who loves to color their nails!! These are a must in any makeup drawer.

Each set normally cost $6.89, but OMG Nail Strips is currently offering any 4 for only $20 with code 4pack and as always, they offer free shipping on all orders (US and International).

Head on over here to see all the neat designs they offer and to order you own and give them a try!

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