Old World Gourmet was founded in 2001 by Deanna Sullivan when she wanted a new career and a better work life. The first product she created was the original wine ice frozen wine mix. Today Old World Gourmet offers more than 50 products ranging from wine and liquor to cake and cracker mixes and is sold in fine retailers in every state!


Simply Southern Couponers had the chance to work with Old World Gourmet. I recieved the Vodka Lemon Cocktail Mix. I have never had a lemon drop mixed drink so I couldn’t wait to try this out. The  Vodka Lemon mix can either be mixed with white wine or vodka. I picked vodka because wine just gives me a groggy feeling the next morning. It was very easy to make. You just take the mix and mix it with 1 1/2 cups of vodka (the pint size is a little over 1 1/2 cups) and add 6 cups of water and then let it freeze for a few hours and you have a frozen Vodka Lemon. I didn’t have a large pitcher to mix it in so once it was mixed I put them in ziploc bags to freeze them. I don’t really like a frozen mixed drink so I let it stay in the freezer until it got cold and it was ready to be taken out.  I was surprised that I was not able to taste the vodka in it at all. It was a very refreshing lemonade taste and was a very smooth tasting drink. My husband enjoyed it as much as I did and even said if he wouldn’t have watched me make it he would have thought it was regular lemonade. Of course shortly after we felt the effects of the vodka he he.

If you want to purchase your own vodka lemon, or to try the other flavors (a few of the other flavors are cosmopolitan, margarita, sangria, tango-tini) visit here. You can also purchase wine mixers, gourmet snacks and more.

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