Nytone is the manufacturer of The Original Bed Wetting Alarm.  It is a small alarm and the most powerful solution for bed wetting. This clinically proven method will help eliminate bed wetting in as little as two weeks. Many children who wet the bed are very deep sleepers and is difficult for them to wake up. Bed Wetting is more common than most people think. It affects anywhere from five to seven million children and teenagers in the US alone. Most children stop wetting the bed at age 5, as little as 15% still wet the bed. There are many other bed wetting alarms but Nytone is the most recommended alarm with Pediatricians!


Simply Southern Couponers had the wonderful opportunity to review the Ntyone Enuresis Bed Wetting Alarm. Due to family problems at the time, it took Aubreigh awhile to get potty trained.It seemed like every step we took forward, a week later we took 2 steps back. She is completely potty trained now (it only took maybe a day when she was finally ready). Aubreigh will still wet the bed if I don’t put a pull up on her. It takes Aubreigh forever to fall asleep, but when she finally does she sleeps hard, a train coming through the house wouldn’t even wake her up. She is starting school in August and she has been very upset about still wearing a pull up at night.


 She was very happy to try out the Bed Wetting Alarm and didn’t want to have to wait on bed time to try it out. It came with a battery already installed so we could play with it as soon as it came out of the package.  The clip is designed to detect moisture, and when it does it vibrates and makes a beep noise to alert the child to get up and go use the bathroom. It is very easy to get on too. The band goes around the arm (Aubreigh liked her “bracelet”) and the cord goes through the arm hole, under the shirt, and clips on to the underwear.  Most alarms are big and bulky and not that practical for children to have to wear at night, or they are pads kids sleep on, that doesn’t help alert them quick enough. The Ntyone Enuresis Bed Wetting Alarm is very small, sleek, and also easy to turn the alarm off.


If you didn’t notice, Aubreigh was very excited to try her alarm out that night! I put her big girl undies on her and it already have given her a little boost of confidence. Once she was finally asleep, I stayed up a little late watching tv and having mommy’s quiet time. I heard a faint little beeping, went to go check and see if Aubreigh was sleeping through it, and she was already getting out of the bed to go use the bathroom. To activate the alarm, the clip has to feel moisture, so she didn’t make it to the bathroom in time, but I was still proud of her.


Out of the 13 days we have been using the bed wetting alarm, we have had more good nights than bad. On those few bad nights I think I cried just as much as Aubreigh. She wants to be a big girl and not have to wear pull ups anymore and gets so frustrated and as a mom I want to fix it for her. I printed out this progress chart so every morning we can fill in the face that matches how she did during the night. The alarm wakes her up everytime it feels moisture, but she hasn’t been able to make it to the bathroom fast enough, but she is making a lot of progress. During her nap yesterday she woke up and said mommy I need to go pee pee, she used the bathroom and then got back in the bed. It’s not something that will  happen over night, but we are almost there!

If you have a child, I suggest getting this for them! It will save a lot of time, money, and aggravation.

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