NuNaturals was founded 24 years ago in Eugene, Oregon. They offer high quality and all-natural products. They have over 80 SKU’s of Dietary Supplements, a line of Green Teas, plus a complete line of Gourmet Pure Vanilla Extracts and Fair Trade Plus Organic Vanilla Beans by the Singing Dog. Their Flagship Brand is NuStevia. NuNaturals NuStevia is 100% Natural and do not contain Aspartame, Saccharin, Sucralose, high-fructose corn syrup, Sugar, or any kind of artificial sweeteners/colors. They also have 0 calories. NuNaturals is a member of the American Herbal Products Association and the NNFA as well as their TruLabel.


Simply Southern Couponers had the wonderful opportunity to try out many of the products that NuNaturals offers. I received: NuStevia White Stevia – 100 pkts., Chocolate NuStevia Alcohol Free 2 oz, Lemon NuStevia Alcohol Free 2 ozOrange NuStevia Alcohol Free 2 ozPeppermint NuStevia Alcohol Free 2 ozVanilla Stevia Alcohol Free 2 ozAlcohol Free Stevia 2 ozNuStevia™ NoCarbs Blend™ 3.5 oz Powder, NuStevia Quick Dissolve Tabs 150 TabsNuStevia PreBiotic Blend 3 oz, PreSweet Tagatose 1 lb, Lo Han Supreme 2 oz, LoSweet Lo Han Guo (Monk Fruit) Pure Extract Powder .71 oz, Clear Stevia 2 oz (Plastic Bottle)Cinnamon Powder, Red Ape 3.6 ozSinging Dog Vanilla 2-Pak Beans, and Pure Liquid™ Vanilla Alcohol Free Stevia™ Glass Bottle 2 oz.

I have just started dieting and cut out all sodas and sugar, so the chance to do this review could not have come at a better time!


I love sweet tea. When I started my dieting I tried cutting out sugars, but water quickly got old. I decided to try out Sweet Tea using a few of the NuNaturals products. I used the (2)PreSweet Tagatose 1/2 lb bags and the Lemon NuStevia. NuNaturals PreSweet Tagatose is a naturally occurring sweetener found in milk, fruits, and vegetables. PreSweet is low in calories (only 6/serving) ad low in carbohydrates. Each 1 tsp. of Presweet is equal to 1 tsp. of Sugar. I added 14 drops of the Lemon Nustevia, and made 1 gallon of the best sweet tea I have ever tasted. It was still not as sweet as I would have liked so I added 2 pinches of LoSweet Lo Han Guo (Monk Fruit) Pure Extract Powder, which is made from the fruit Lo Han Guo, also known as Monk Fruit. 1 pinch is equal to 1 tsp of regular sugar. This made it perfect. This gallon of sweet tea didn’t even last an entire day in my house. My girls, who normally do not like sweet tea, drank about as much as I did.


I decided to give chocolate milk a try. I used Rice Dream, Chocolate NuStevia, and Lo Han Supreme. I poured a glass of cold vanilla rice milk and added 7 drops of the Chocolate NuStevia and 1 drop of Lo Han Supreme. It tasted better than regular chocolate milk and I didn’t have to feel guilty about all the calories I was drinking. After I finished my first glass I decided to play around with it. I made the drink as described above, but added a few drops of Peppermint NuStevia. I believe any possible drink combination would taste incredible!


Since I have started my weight loss journey, water and I have become really good friends. Water gets very boring and old after a while. I decided to try out the Orange NuStevia and Lemon NuStevia  out with my water. I put 10-12 drops into my water and it dressed up my water. It added just enough flavor to change the taste of the water but not enough to overpower the water. Since cutting out sugar as much as I can, I get a sweet tooth every night before bed. I can go add 10 drops of either Peppermint NuStevia or Vanilla Stevia to a glass of ice-cold water and it’s just sweet enough to calm my sweet tooth.There are a million different possibilities to use the NuStevia Stevia Flavor.


We love to go out to eat and I usually order Sweet Tea to drink.What comes back is usually sweet tea syrup. I keep the NuStevia White Stevia Powder 100 pkts in my purse and can now order Un-Sweet Tea. It has zero calories and will instantly dissolve in hot or cold liquids. Thanks to NuStevia I can still get the Sweet Tea I want without having to order the Sweet Tea restraunts offer.

NuNaturals offers several different forms of NuStevia: packets, powders, clear liquid and pure stevia. I have thrown out all regular sugar in my house and have replaced it with NuStevia. My girls love kool-aid, and like most kids they love sugar. They have not even noticed a difference since I have switched, and as a mom I feel relief knowing my kids are not drinking sugar.

I tried out a recipe using NuNaturals Products. It was Cold Oven Cream Cheese Pound Cake. Sadly it did not get a picture because it didn’t last long enough to have a picture taken. I used the Vanilla and Lemon Liquid Stevia, along with the Lo Han Supreme. I have never tasted a more moist pound cake. It rose perfectly and was moist and tender.

I have been impressed by the whole line of NuNaturals Products I received. I usually do not like the “sugar replacements” but after trying these I do not think I could go back to using regular sugar. My entire family gives 2 thumbs up.

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NuNaturals is also giving FOUR (4) of Simply Southern Couponers viewers the chance to win ONE (1) Bottle each of: Lemon/Orange/Peppermint Flavored Stevia Liquids + the NEW Chocolate Flavored Stevia Liquid.

Giveaway will start May 2nd, 2013.

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Disclosure: Simply Southern Couponers received a free product in exchange for a review. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own.

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