I have a huge announcement I want to share with all of my fabulous readers. I am participating in the Nutrisystem Success Blogger Program for the next three months. I have been wanting to loose weight but my biggest fallback is what to eat. With Nutrisystem they provide your portion size meals, a meal planner, as well as a counselor for any questions/support you may have.  My first week consisted of a new program called Fast 5. Be sure to check out my next post to see all about Fast 5 and how it worked for me. I will be updating weekly on my progress over the next 12 weeks. So far, I’ve had some great support from my husband and family. I would love if you all would support my weight loss journey by following along.  

My weight loss goal is 30lbs.

If you are thinking about loosing weight and living a healthier lifestyle by eating the right meals, learning portion control and exercise head over to Nutrisystem website here to learn more. 

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