Life of a Southern Mom had the pleasure of working with Nintendo and reviewing some of their products. I received Nintendo’s Flame Red 3DS Game System with three games including Yoshi’s New Island, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon and Mario and Luigi: Dream Team. Ty is our families “game lover” who will play all day if you let him. With two other brothers, he doesn’t like sharing especially when it comes to the 3DS.

Nintendo Entertainment System was introduced in 1985 and took the world by storm. It brought the titles of Mario and Zelda to life and ended up selling over 60 million units. Shortly after in 1989, the Gameboy was introduced and was debuted with the hit game that we all remember, Tetris. Gameboy is the opener to handheld gaming. Then came Super Nintendo. In 1991 it was introduced with 16-bit technology. It also had high processing power which meant more games! In 1996, along with game the Nintendo 64. This system had realistic 3D gaming which was a huge hit with the masses. Super Mario 64 was the game that was introduced with this system and the Mario phenomenon continued to grow with this fantastic gameplay.

One system that came next was the Game Boy Pocket which was smaller than the original and came in a multitude of colors. On the new millennium and the Game Boy Advance was launched in 2001. This is probably the start of when Nintendo started to get more recognition as they sold tens of millions of these systems. 2001 was also the year for other big things, which included the GameCube. This was the first Nintendo system to use discs instead of cartridges. Moving on to 2003, the Game Boy Advance SP was introduced and although it had the same size screen as the Game Boy Advance, it could fold to become pocket portable. This system screen was also backlit and the batteries were rechargeable! Yay for saving money.

Now we move to the DS which featured a touch screen, a microphone, built-in Wi-Fi capability, and backward compatibility. The DS was a smash and better versions were in the works constantly after including the Nintendo DS Lite. Another thing people seem to forget is that the popular Wii system is indeed produced by Nintendo. In 2006 it became a best-selling latest generation console. Adding more to the DS family was the DSi and DSi XL. Last but not least in 2011 came the 3DS which now allows you to watch 3D content without glasses!


When you receive your Nintendo 3DS after choosing from the colors purple, black or pearl, it will have everything in the box that you need to play right away. The Nintendo 3DS family of systems offer a wide range of built-in features and applications.

You can watch streaming videos, download new games, play with wireless against friends and much more. The built-in software that comes with the 3DS is the Mii Maker, Miiverse, Street Pass Mii Plaza, Nintendo Zone, Nintendo eShop, Internet Browser, AR Games, Face Raiders, 3D Videos, Nintendo 3DS Sound, System Transfer, and Activity Log. If you want to find out any more about these features click (here:


The Nintendo 3DS includes 3D viewing, and with the 3D depth slider, you can change the intensity level at any time. Another great plus is that this family of gaming is backward compatible, so if you had a DS or DSi, you can still play those games! Some of the titles that are playable on the 3DS are Mario, Zelda, Animal Crossing and Pokemon. You can’t find these titles anywhere else! These are also downloadable right from the Nintendo eShop.

For the parent’s peace of mind, there are of course parental controls to control what your little one can and cannot do on their system. Nintendo is a great family geared brand that will always have everyone covered.


Yoshi’s New Island: If you love Yoshi then you will love this game where he is back better than ever and he is making his way out of big eggs. The object is to crush your surroundings and to create paths with the all new Mega Eggdozer in an all new adventure. Believe me when I tell you that it takes more than just tossing a few eggs around and the use of flutter jumps to lead Mario through this new adventure on the island. There are also new and more inventive power-ups that you will be able to use. All of this in the name of saving Luigi. Can you do it?

Make your way through and guide Yoshi and Mario through a bunch of new stages that involve slopes and water. All Yoshi fans are familiar with the collectibles and that they are now more fun to find than ever. You will need the Mega Eggdozers to beat the new puzzles that the creators have come out with for this platform. Just try to locate all the collectibles and surprises that they have in store for you. You know you want to and that you’re up to the challenge.

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon lets players explore through multiple mansions to do a variety of puzzles. There are also all new ghosts to capture while you are armed with the Poltergust 5000. This handy machine is a ghost-sucking, vacuum-like invention. Luigi is assigned missions by Professor E. Gadd that he must complete.

If you shine a light on the ghosts, it is no longer enough to make them immobile. You must now have access to a strobe light feature in order to stun the ghosts so that you can suck them up with the Poltergust 5000. Every mansion that you visit is going to be filled with puzzles and ghosts. You must figure out how to defeat each of them and find the hidden clues and keys to unlock the other areas to move on. It is a challenge and has all new features that players will find both thrilling and exciting.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team– Mario and Luigi go on a super adventure of their dreams in an action packed and hilarious game that combines the resort world of Pi’illo Island with places that are only in Luigi’s imagination. You will try to rescue Princess Peach and help Prince Dreambert free the people of Pi’illo from Antasma’s curse. Sound exciting and like an adventure that you or your kids would enjoy?

You can spawn Luigi’s that will mold into different shapes such as bouncy towers, wrecking balls and even giant hammers to get through your obstacles that you face. You can also poke, tickle and move Luigi when he is sleeping on the bottom screen in order to make the scene change on the top screen. So many new innovations in the Mario and Luigi world! Finding new gear along the way to customize Mario and Luigi has also never been more fun. Customize them to fit exactly how you play.

There are also features that help you get through the game a little easier like a Hint System or you can make a certain mission on Easy Mode to make it so you can go to the next if the other levels are proving to be too challenging.

I love being able to let the boys enjoy some of their playtime with these fun games. They are patiently waiting for the new game release of Mario Kart 8 and are asking for Donkey Kong next. We are slowly building their wish lists for new games for their Nintendo 3Ds. I would like to especially thank Nintendo for giving our family a chance to review an amazing gaming system with games.

To see more about Nintendo or their products visit their website here.

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Disclosure: Life of a Southern Mom received one or more products mentioned above for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.



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