Have you heard about this new app called Tweekaboo? It is a life story app that makes it easy for busy moms to capture their children’s everyday moments and instantly save them to a digital scrapbook which can be printed, all using your iPhone.  Because every child wants to know what they were like when they were small!


Tweekaboo founder, Eugene Murphy, discovered that being a modern dad meant questioning why he had to miss out on the magical moments of his children’s lives. He wanted to stay connected to the highs, the lows, the laughter and the tears as they happened, so he came up with Tweekaboo.

At Tweekaboo every story of your child’s life is logged safely into in an organized digital journal so that you can access your story anytime. You can create a personal online diary for each child, then together relive all their momentous moments.


Even better, if you don’t have time to update your journal on the go, Tweekaboo is introducing a Facebook integration that turns all those baby photos you shared on Facebook – plus all those wonderful comments – into a printable baby memory book in minutes!

The Tweekaboo app captures moments on-the-go, saves moments as they happen, keeps family up to date, allows you to quickly print beautiful memory books, and helps you relive the moments forever.  Because every moment matters.

**Tweekaboo will be available for Android users in early 2014**
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