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Okay moms, think back to when the last time you had a Girls Night was? Time to yourself? A minute to breathe? I think it’s time that we make that a current thing that you can answer. Get the kids to bed and whether you hire a sitter, go out with the girls, stay in with the girls or just make it all about you, there is no shame in that!

Here are some ideas of things that you can do to have a moment just to unwind and not be a mom for a little while (in your brain anyway).

Have a Spa Night:

Get those dark spots from staying up until all hours of the night getting everything that is humanly impossible to get done in 24 hours done because you are SuperWoman. The ladies can all get together to have a chance to unwind, get facials and mani/pedis. Hey, since we are unwinding, how about a little wine to go with that? You deserve it!

Have a Movie Night:

You know all those chick flicks that you love but never get the chance to watch because they are not suitable for your kids and the hubs just doesn’t want to sit through them (but you sit through his action flicks, right?). Invite the girls over and hole up on the couch with some icecream, popcorn, cookies, whatever your favorite indulgence is and watch the movies you have wanted to see for FOREVER with the girls that you haven’t seen in what seems like FOREVER.

Have a Swap Night:

We could all use some new stuff but the budget is tight. I am sure that your friends have something that they are just dying to part with that you will love and vice versa. Invite the girls over and get all the stuff together and draw numbers. Swap and have fun!

Have a Game Night:

There are adult games out there that are fun and entertaining that beat out Hungry, Hungry Hippos. You know you are ready for some adult entertainment and some laughs. Good fun, good fun and GREAT laughs are in store with games that are better for just the girls, like Taboo.

Have a Best Recipe Swap:

Every woman has spent multiple hours on Pinterest pinning and finding their best recipes. Now let’s put them to the test. Everyone brings in a recipe from an appetizer, main course, side or dessert and you try them out! It’s better cooking and baking together anyways.

Go Bowling:

When is the last time that you went bowling? 5 years ago? 10 years? Longer then that? Woman, it’s time to put those bowling shoes back on and enjoy the ambiance that only a bowling alley can provide, without all the pizza and kids.

Go To A Comedy Club:

Adult humor is sometimes just the ticket that a stressed out mama needs. You will find yourself laughing at things that you had not thought you would ever hear again because of the little ears that are always around. Tickets normally get discounted the closer to the show so take a couple of your best girlfriends and enjoy the show, sometimes even for free!

Have A Dessert & Wine Night:

This idea is typically low cost where everyone brings their own wine or favorite dessert and you can spend time reminiscing with your friends over good food with lots of great fun and of course, the giggles.

There may not always be time for you to indulge with your friends, so make sure that you also take a timeout for yourself sometimes. Sink into a good book or relax in the bubble bath. Heck, sometimes even sleeping is the best “escape” when you get the chance to do just that.

Here is to all the moms out there!

I found this little ode to moms online and it was perfectly fitting to everything a mom does whether we realize it or not:

Here’s to mothers who bravely waited until the bus rounded the corner to burst into tears.

Here’s to mothers who have bandaged imaginary boo-boos and applied ice packs for tummy aches.

Here’s to mothers who have fished poop out of bathtubs, pellet by pellet, without so much as gagging.

Here’s to mothers who have slept in twin beds or on hardwood floors, just to be within an arm’s reach of their needy child.

Here’s to mothers who have been away for days, missing their children so badly they could taste it, only to arrive home completely unnoticed.

Here’s to mothers who wonder if the teenage babysitter is a better mother than they are.

Here’s to mothers who have given up their un-licked ice cream cone, because their child’s fell flat on the sidewalk.

Here’s to mothers who let their children dress themselves and hope with all their might that the rest of the world is aware of that fact.

Here’s to mothers who bite their tongues instead of saying “I told you so” when their children so deserve it.

Here’s to mothers who would gladly take the broken arm or stomach bug or broken heart if it could spare their child the pain.

Here’s to mothers who find their expensive hair products poured down the drain and their brushes filled with plastic doll hair.

Here’s to mothers who wear evidence of their children, not only under their clothing, but on it as well.

Here’s to mothers who are ecstatic to find a worm or spot a garbage truck in action, even though they find both disgusting.

Here’s to mothers who want to both fast forward and rewind time all in the span of ten minutes.

Here’s to mothers who never feel completely at peace unless all of their children are under their own roof.

Here’s to stretch marks and saggy boobs and c-section scars.

Here’s to overflowing laundry baskets, toothpaste-covered bathroom sinks and plastic toy littered front lawns.

Here’s to still suffering from baby fever even when your own children are driving you insane.

Here’s to our own mothers, who made us the women we are today.

Here’s to our daughters, who we can’t help but hope will become mothers themselves.

Here’s to mothers who have suffered our greatest fear and live in a world without their child.

Here’s to all of us.

(Cited from

Hope every mom finds a little peace and quiet this Mother’s Day to remind us that we just need to slow down and enjoy time. Stop constantly thinking and doing. Take a step back and breathe!


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