I was going to start off by asking you one of those rhetorical questions like, “Have you ever been out in public when you looked down at your child and realized his face was absolutely grimy?” As I was typing out just such a sentence, I realized it was a silly question. Of course you have. No matter how young or old your child is, you have absolutely been shocked at one point or another at how sudden and all encompassing grossness can accumulate on a little person. Whether it be a snack gone awry, instant onset of the sniffles, general dirt, or an unknown substance, that gunk has got to come off right away or it will multiply.

In the past, I had used a variety of different items to try to keep the filth at bay including paper towels, wash cloths, tissues, baby wipes, receiving blankets, and random articles of clothing when I can’t find anything else close at hand. All of these are marginally effective and will serve in a pinch, but I would rather use a product that is very effective while also being handy so that I am not left using the baby’s sock I found under the carseat.


I was actually very excited when I first heard about NeatCheeks. NeatCheeks are wipes especially made for cleaning baby’s face. Unlike standard baby wipes, they won’t leave a soapy or sticky residue on the skin. Additionally, they are sweetened with stevia, which is a plant extract used as a sweetener in many sugar-free foods. As a result, children do not have the same aversion to having their faces wiped by NeatCheeks as they might with a typical baby wipe which smells (and tastes) more soapy.

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Once I received my NeatCheeks in the mail, I did not have long to wait before filthiness ensued. We were just about to have a delightful lunch of something wonderfully messy: pasta in a red sauce. This was the perfect meal to give NeatCheeks a try.

sauce before

The sweet wipes were a hit! Not only did they effectively clean her saucy face, they were more gentle on her face than the damp wash cloth that I typically use for this purpose. They required less scrubbing to remove the dried on food which meant the clean up process was both quicker and less miserable for both of us.

sauce after

A couple days later I had the opportunity to try my NeatCheeks in another capacity: nose wiping. Between teething and cold season, there is always need for a nose wipe around here lately. It seems no matter how often I grab a tissue and wipe her little nose, I can never catch everything. The absolute worst is once that goo has dried because there is no getting that crud off with a tissue. Plus, the frequent wiping can also lead to redness and sores around the nose due to the friction caused by rubbing a dry tissue against the delicate skin. These NeatCheeks are so gentle that they not only clean up dried on nasal drippings effectively, but also leave the skin moisturized.

gross before

gross after

Another aspect that I love about NeatCheeks is the packaging and size of the product. The little pouches are much smaller than a standard wipes bag which makes them easy to slip into a pocket, purse, diaper bag, wet bag, backpack, or lunch box.

neatcheeks size comparison package

The size of the wipes themselves is also smaller so you don’t feel like you are wasting a giant wipe to clean a tiny little face. It is also more manageable to use a smaller wipe when trying to get into little nooks and crannies of the face.

neatcheeks wipe size comparison

Overall, I have had a very positive experience using the NeatCheeks wipes. I keep a pouch easily accessible in my diaper bag, in my car, on the dining room table, and sometimes even in my pocket. If you have kids, you have messes that need to be cleaned up. As a thank you to our readers, NeatCheeks is offering a special discount off your next order over $4. Use coupon code SWEETDEAL at checkout to get 5% off!


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