Life of a Southern Mom recently had the pleasure of working with Nature Nate’s Honey Company for the review of their 100% Raw and Unfiltered Honey. This honey company was founded by Nate himself. His company started as just a hobby but quickly turned into more. He had a wife and a brand new family and decided to take the plunge and give up his day job to become a permanent bee keeper. Although the company has taken off from the one bee hive it started with, Nate’s honey still comes from all American bee hives. It is said that honey from American bees is less processed. It is said that when the honey comes from overseas it becomes more processed in case the honey carries any disease not common in American bees.

Honey is a very valuable and powerful resource. However, not all honey is as good as the next. Raw honey is said to be the best and most healthy honey of all. Raw honey means that it is completely unpasteurized, unheated, and all together unprocessed. This means that none of its natural vitamins and nutrients are destroyed. Even “raw” honey found in the stores can be somewhat pasteurized. With Nature Nate’s honey, that is not the case. Their commitment is that it’s not a company it is a mission. Some of the most common benefits of raw honey are that it can balance blood sugar, treat acne, help relieve allergies, provide energy and even aid in sleeping.

I have tasted quite a few brands of raw honey and this is definitely one of the most flavorful. I have used it in all sorts of recipes including it in my morning power slushy. It adds a delightful sweet taste. It is nice knowing that I am consuming pure raw honey and that you can actually taste the difference between Nature Nate’s and processed honey. Raw honey is thinner than processed honey so it is easy to put on toast or in my case waffles.  But, don’t forget about the syrup. Yep, that’s right. Nature Nate’s also offers a line of delectable of Honey Syrups. My favorite is the Honey Strawberry Syrup. Nature Nate’s Honey Syrups are gluten free, all natural and contains no additives such as high fructose corn syrup.
Nature Nate’s 100% Pure Raw & Unfiltered Honey  and Syrups are absolutely delicious. Goodbye processed honey and Hello Nature Nate’s!

To learn more about Nature Nate’s visit here

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