Natural Vitality has developed a line of premium-quality supplements based on research to produce a noticeable result. They produce a high-quality and award-winning dietary supplement to assist in achieving optimum health. Also a percentage of the product sales fund their Natural Revitalization, which is a program that supports organic farming and environmental stewardship. Natural Vitality products often contain patented forms of supplement ingredients. These are standardized for consistent potency and are backed by clinical research.


Simply Southern Couponers had the opportunity to review a product from Natural Vitality. I have recently gone on a health kick, which meant my family did too, so I was very excited about this review. I looked through the site and picked out Kids Natural Calm Multi. The liquid drink has 24 organic fruits and veggies, Omega-3 DHA & EPA, Vitamins and Mineral, Natural Calm Magnesium, Balanced Calcium, ad Amino Acids. Like most kids, my girls will usually only eat a hot dog, the occasional chip or peanut butter sandwich in there. Every week or so I can get them to eat some strawberries or apples but other than that, that’s it! So immediately when I saw it had 24 ORGANIC fruits and veggies I had to have it for the girls. My girls also have trouble sleeping, but with the natural calm magnesium, it reduces their stress and balances their calcium intake to relieve them of that stress. Aubreigh is starting preschool in August and Kids Natural Calm Multi contains DMAE, which is a substance that is natural produced in small amounts in the brain and supports improved mental focus. It is very easy to give them, I simply mix a tablespoon in with their juice and its good to go!


I also received a few samples from Natural Vitality: Natural Calm Anti Stress Drink in original, cherry,  lemon, raspberry-lemon, and orange. I fell in love with this stuff. I suffer from migraines (as in one every few days) and the main ingredient is magnesium, which has been proved to reduce and even get rid of migraines, I have been taking one every morning and have not got a single headache and also feel less stressed about the day, being a stay at home mom things can get very hectic around my house. Plant-Sourced Minerals in Organic Green Apple, Your body uses nutrients in the food you eat to rebuild itself. If you are not eating properly and supplying your body with the minerals it needs, then its biological processes slows down which can contribute to low energy. Organic Life Vitamins, which provides you with a range of important vitamins, such as: A, B Vitamins, C, and D. Energy28, which delivers supplemental natural energy from whole food and natural sources.

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