I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing My Very, Very Smelly Breath! book. As February marks National Pet Dental Health Month, this book helps explore the importance of pet dental care with an engaging, colorful and interactive scratch-and-sniff approach.

I think this is a great book for anyone who has fur babies to teach the kids about our pets hygiene. As parents we teach our kids the importance of their teeth but probably not thought how important it is to learn about pets as well. When you have those fur babies they’re a member of the family and our dog Sheriff is our four-legged fur baby. He turns a year old in April and I’ve been teaching the boys how to take care of him by helping to feed him, watch while he gets a bath, and the products I give him to take care of his teeth. When Sheriff visits the vet he always has a routine checkup and that includes checking his teeth. I’ve explained what happens when I take Sheriff to the vet that it is just like when the boys go to their Pediatrician for checkups she checks out everything including their teeth.

In My Very, Very Smelly Breath! we meet Queen Esther, Kitty, Tessa and Captain Noodles. We sat down to read this new book and Sheriff had to join in. He wanted to sniff the pages as we read along and the boys also got to scratch and sniff the pages. We did not like to smell Queen Esther’s breath but by the end of the book it smelled much better and Sheriff thought so too. book5
This book taught them the importance of pet dental care and that dental care isn’t just for people. Pets need their teeth brushed every day by an adult and pets also have different flavored toothpaste like peanut butter, bacon and chicken.

My Very, Very Smelly Breath! was written to help pet owners provide the very, very best care for their furry friends’ teeth while raising money to help provide preventive care for pets in need. One hundred percent of the donations will go to the Banfield Foundation™.

Print out these fun coloring pages, learn to draw and fun with words for the kids to enjoy.

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*Life of a Southern Mom was provided a sample in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.*


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