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Since school has started the kids have been on a schedule for activities and t.v. time. We recently started playing games after everyone has completed homework, had their baths and finished dinner. Well this past week we hit a small milestone of the kids not bringing any notes home or bad grades for three weeks. The reason we are celebrating this milestone is because since school started the boys were bringing notes home two to three times a week for talking or not paying attention. We tried everything you under the sun of ways to try and help this. From taking away game time, overnight at grandma’s to even a parent/teacher conference. After about three weeks I told my husband I had enough. I feel like everything we were doing just wasn’t what they needed. I told him instead of taking things away from them how about we reward them for when they are good to show them they can do it. I went to searching around on the internet for ways to reward the kids for behavior. We searched charts, games, etc. and nothing that I wanted to do with three boys. So we came up with an idea to fill mason jars with coins. How we set it up was we got 4 mason jars and Greg put holes in the top of each one so that the coins would fit easily. I let the boys decorate the jars however they wanted, then we told them the rules. Everyday that they do not bring a note home or bad grades we will give each of them fifty cents. After two weeks of no notes and bad grades they would get a $5 bill to add to their jar. Since we started this a few weeks ago, the boys haven’t brought home any notes home and have brought home a  bad grade a few times. Needless to say they are learning and transitioning to the classrooms and new teachers just fine.


This past weekend I wanted to do something a little more with the kids so we decided movie night with mom and dad. We let the boys choose which movie they wanted to watch. Of course all three had different picks so we narrowed it down to one and we would watch the others next. They finally agreed on Beethoven. I remember watching this movie growing up and it was one of my favorites so to have family night and share this with the boys I am thankful. The boys wanted a big bowl of pop corn and sodas to enjoy during the movie. We sat down and watched this cute movie and the boys couldn’t get over how big Beethoven really was. Andrew has been telling us the three kinds of dogs he wants we he gets older and one of them are a St. Bernard. It is great to share these tiny milestones with them because when we look back those tiny milestones will be big milestones to us. Milestones these days seem to fly by or we tend to get side tracked with all of our other duties.  

Do you have a milestone you want to celebrate? 

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Mighty Ducks  The D2 The Mighty Ducks NA EST and VOD Poster Key Art JPEG 571 x 800   WDSHE UK Netflix

First Trick-or-TreatJake and the Never Land Pirates: S02E15, Tricks, Treats and Treasure!  
First PetBeethoven  
First MoveThe Croods  
First Big GameD2: The Mighty Ducks 

Akeela-And-The-Bee EN US 571x800
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Diners Drive Ins and Dives EN US 571x800 copy

First Spelling BeeAkeelah and the Bee   
First DanceKickin’ It: S01E20, The Wrath of Swan   
First Break-UpGood Luck Charlie: S01E20, Girl Bite Dog  
First Road TripDiners, Drive-ins and Dives 

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First KissWizards of Waverly Place: S01E02, First Kiss 
First JobGood Burger  
First Time BabysittingThe Baby-Sitters Club  
First ConcertTaylor Swift: The Journey to Fearless 

Another one of our favorite firsts? Going to the movies. Check out these tips from Common Sense Media to make sure your kids’ first trip to the theater is a good one.


Plus a few major milestones for mom and dad:

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what to expect when youre expecting poster Cleaned
Parenthood S5 571x800 ENG US.2
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House Hunters EN US 571x800

New JobThe Office  
Getting MarriedMy Fair Wedding with David Tutera  
Having a BabyWhat to Expect When You’re Expecting  
Life as a ParentParenthood   
Running for OfficeParks & Recreation  
Buying a HomeHouse Hunters 


I love Netflix! I especially love being able to go and stream my favorite TV Shows that I’ve missed or just want to watch again. Scandal is a big one for me! Or date night/movie night with my hubby. There is nothing like staying home, kid free for the evening and just relaxing while watching a movie on Netflix. Oh did I mention how affordable Netflix is. Only $7.99 – $11.99 depending on if you want HD, Ultra HD and how many screens you would like to play at one time. Still, this is an awesome deal and beats paying those high prices for television packages.   StreamTeamBadge

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