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Raising boys comes with a lot of new territories for any mom. From the adventures to the sheer volume of food they can eat, to how fast they grow and how much love you can feel for another person! I always try to purchase healthy snacks that the boys can enjoy anytime.

I have found that Mott’s offers a variety of products at my local Walmart that the boys love to have for snacks and drink. Some of their favorite products are Mott’s 100% Apple Juice and the different flavors of Mott’s Applesauce.

motts lunch

Mott’s Applesauce and 100% Apple Juice are great snack time options for my growing 7-year-old. It fills him up with real fruit goodness and gives him vitamins to help him grow to his full potential. Offering him healthy food choices helps him to be healthy today and lay the foundations for good health tomorrow. Some different lunch ideas I try to include in his lunch box are the Mott’s Mixed Berry Applesauce, Tropical, Apple pouch, Strawberry, and Pear cups. I try to buy several different varieties to keep him from growing tired of eating the same flavor. What’s even better is that Mott’s just came out with unsweetened applesauce items! I love that I can trust Mott’s because they are made with real fruit and are an excellent source of vitamins so that I know my boys will start strong and grow strong. Whether it’s in school lunches or a day time snack my boys love Mott’s.


Mott’s Applesauce is convenient in so many ways. I add them to packed lunches, hand them out after school to hold the boys over until dinner and we bring them on outings for a healthy snack. I love that it is easy to find in my local Walmart in the apple/fruit sauce section! No matter what the occasion, Mott’s helps kids to BE HEALTHY and keep growing strong!

The Mott’s Apple Juice is available in seven different flavors and is the perfect size to fit into the lunch box. The smaller bottles come six to a pack and are 8oz. each. There is also the juice boxes and pouches along with the bigger bottles which are 64oz.

motts watch me grow

This year Mott’s and Walmart can help you track your child’s growth! Check out this amazing growth chart I got just for buying Mott’s! You can get one too!

Eli with Motts

Motts chart

When you are at Walmart, buy $10 worth of Mott’s Apple Juice or Applesauce. Go to and register for the offer. Upload your receipt(s) from now through 9/15/17. Once your receipt(s) has been verified your growth chart will be mailed to your home and you can start tracking your child’s growth!


When do you offer Mott’s Applesauce or Apple Juice? At family meal time or for on the go snacks?

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