Make More Time for Yourself in 2019

Make More Time for Yourself in 2019

We all know that motherhood is a full-time job in and of itself. And this time of year, you might even wish to be cloned in order to accomplish everything that needs to get done. However, with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season coming to an end, moms everywhere will be granted a little more free time (finally!). It’s important to use this free time wisely, especially for the moms who are always going out of their way to help others. Carving out a little time every now and then to focus on the experiences that make you feel your best can have a huge impact on your overall well being!

Need a New Year’s resolution? For 2019, commit to taking the time to focus on loving yourself more! Here are some helpful tips to help get your year started right:

Hang out with your girlfriends

There’s nothing like spending some time with your gal pals to start your new year. Not only is it a perfect excuse to break out a bottle of wine, but hanging out with friends has been scientifically proven to be beneficial to your health. Studies have shown that people with a large network of friends have less stress, live longer and of course, feel of happier and more satisfied. With everyone’s busy schedules, it’s helpful to carve out a dedicated night to hang out with your friends.  

Whether you’re going to the movies for a kid-free movie night or hitting up a weekly yoga class, doing something together will evoke all positive feelings for yourself.

Splurge on yourself from time to time

As if we need another excuse to shop, am I right? Every woman deserves to treat herself every now and then, and splurging on something for you is a great way to show yourself some appreciation. It can be something as small as treating yourself to some delicious fro-yo or something bigger, like buying yourself new clothes. If you’re going to be purchasing new clothes, it’s smart to buy items that you love and know you’ll get use out of. Investing in a reliable bra can help make your day-to-day more efficient which ultimately leaves you feeling accomplished and pain free. Another mom must-have is a comfortable pair of shoes. Choose a pair that you can easily transition from day to night. Moms don’t have time for blisters! If you take the time to invest in items that improve your day-to-day lifestyle, you’ll feel happier and motivated to tackle whatever the day brings, and you won’t feel guilty splurging.

Have a date night with your hubby

Self-love is all about positive reflection and indulging in the experiences that make you feel your best. Encouraging your partner to take time for themselves is as just as important as it is for you. It can be tough to find time for you and the hubby to get a night together, but date night is beneficial in more ways than one. Not only is this a great way to keep the spark alive in your relationship, but it also gives you a chance to be wined and dined. If the two of you haven’t had a date night in a while, it’s helpful to create some rules for the night.

As I mentioned in my previous date night post, we limit talk about kids and work and aim to keep the date night affordable. If you can’t get a babysitter for the night, no worries, there are plenty of fun ways to have a date night right in your own home. Making time for romance with your partner will increase feelings of self-love and confidence but also feelings of respect, appreciation, and intimacy.

From spending time with the ones who lift you up to indulging in items and experiences that bring you joy, making time for those special moments is important for our overall well-being. Finding time for yourself doesn’t have to be as hard as your think. If you start small, even with one thing I mentioned above and ease your way in to other forms of self-love, you’ll be on track to feel your best in the new year!

I would love to hear how you are finding more time for yourself this year?

5 Family Summer Vacation Must Haves

family at beach on vacation

Packing the entire family for a trip, no matter how short, is no small feat. It takes days of planning, strategic suitcase space coordination, and triple-checking that nothing is forgotten. Add to that any special needs like inhalers, medication, favorite toys and swimsuits, food for the picky eaters and any other necessities, and you have a lot of work ahead of you. But before you start to put it all together, first place these five things in the suitcase, because they are your ultimate summer holiday must-haves.

beach photo with pineapple and sandals


Summer means high temperatures, a lot of time outside and, of course, scorching sun. And while the kids (and yourself) might enjoy the endless hours spent outside in the sun, without proper protection, it’s going to be a long night of applying aloe vera and yogurt on the burns. A few tubes of sunscreen is all you need to protect yourself from this. Get something with a high SPF and long-lasting effect, and even if it says it lasts for several hours, reapply it approximately every two hours. If you will be spending time at the beach or a river bank, make sure the sunscreen is water-proof. Apply it in your room before you go to the beach so that you can go right in the water, without waiting for it to first sink into the skin.

Good footwear

There is nothing that can ruin a vacation faster than uncomfortable shoes that will give you blisters. And, especially if you are going to a beach, you don’t want your kids running around barefoot, because there can often be sharp rocks, junk and even broken bottles in the sand that they can cut themselves on. Check out some Birkenstock footwear to find comfortable sandals for the whole family, and wear them around the house for a few days before the vacation to make sure they are comfortable and fit properly. If you are going on a camping trip or into unpredictable terrain, then a pair of closed shoes or good sneakers is a good idea as well.


As in, plural. We all like spending time on the beach in a swimsuit, but when you and the kids get out of the water, you want to take them off as soon as you can and put on something dry. Ideally – another swimsuit. Make sure everyone in the family has at least two so that they can have one on while the other is drying off. You can bring even more, but if you wash them before going to bed, they should be dry to take with you the next morning, so two is perfectly plenty.

first aid kit

First aid kit

There’s no need for too much explanation. Besides the kids’ basic medication which we mentioned earlier, you should also be ready for any potential injuries during the trip. Your first aid kit should have sanitizer, bandages as well as ointments for burns and irritation. Make it small enough so it can fit in your purse and go wherever you go because kids tend to get hurt at the most unexpected times.

Food containers

Unless you’re going to a very remote place or driving for a long time, you probably won’t be taking food for your entire vacation. But eating out all the time is expensive and not the best option either. Your best bet is to go to a grocery store and then prepare food for the day in your hotel room. And to avoid using too much plastic, bring your own reusable food containers, so that each person has their own box and organization goes a lot smoother.

A fun family vacation should be enjoyable for all parties involved. The kids should be able to have plenty of time to have fun, and you should have time to relax. Check that the place you are traveling to is a kid-friendly vacation spot and that there will be things to keep them entertained. Make sure you make the vacation a mix of fun, relaxing and learning, so that it is both fun and educational, especially if you are traveling to a new place with interesting culture and history. Now make sure all of the passports are packed and set an alarm pretty early because the last thing you need to make sure you packed: all of the family members in the car.


About Guest Author:

Peter is a parenting and lifestyle writer for Voice Boks and Joyful Source magazine. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.



5 Things a Work-at-Home Mom Does that Make Her a Great Leader

5 Things a Work-at-Home Mom Does that Make Her a Great Leader

Being a mom is surely one of the most beautiful and rewarding things in the world, but the fact is that it can get really challenging and nerve-racking from time to time. There are so many things that need to be taken into consideration, and if you’re a work-at-home mom, you definitely understand what we’re talking about. What you may not know is that you’re a true leader your kids will be proud of sooner or later. Here are five things that make you a great leader, so check them out!


There is a way to make anything happen, no matter the odds

The role of a mom often requires making some difficult decisions that can make everyone happy, but the fact is that it can sometimes be pretty much impossible. No matter what you decide, there will be someone who isn’t completely happy with that. A good leader knows that there’s always a way to make anything happen, and moms have definitely mastered this skill. They’re able to do anything to help their kids be loved, accepted, and appreciated, no matter the obstacles they may face along the road. And that’s exactly what makes moms such great leaders – they place their children’s success and well-being before their own!


Proper organization is key

Every woman in the world knows that everything is possible if she’s properly organized, and that doesn’t include just the way her home is cleaned up. Making a weekly plan of activities is essential, and many work-at-home moms actually love to come up with it so that they can focus on a particular set of activities for each individual day. So, if you want to create a detailed 7-day plan, be sure to bear in mind all the goals for each day, and remember who needs to be where and at what time. Once you perfect your morning routine and getting your kids ready for school, you’re halfway there!


There is always a way to spend quality time with your family

Nowadays, everyone has so many obligations and errands to run on a daily basis, which makes us all wonder whether it is even possible to be present in your friends’ and family members’ lives. However, moms understand the importance of family building and bonding, and they as leaders always try their best to keep their beloved ones together, no matter the activity. From exciting walks in the woods near your hometown to an adventurous indoor zip line that can awake a superhero in your kid – possibilities are truly infinite. All you should do is to plan your activities in advance and stick to the plan as much as you can, since that’s the best way to make everything work!


The right choice isn’t always the most popular one, but who cares?

As a leader, you’ll inevitably have to deal with a lot of problematic decisions that need to be made, and there’s one thing you should always bear in mind – the right choice often isn’t the most popular one, but it’s the one that should be made for the sake of your family in the long run. This can be a bit tricky, especially when it comes to decisions that include morals and values that can significantly affect your choices. However, sticking to their opinions, attitudes, and personal choices is what all the leaders do, so be sure to stay persistent and make the right decision. Once you understand the pros and cons of a specific situation, you’ll be able to think clearly and decide what should be done.


Don’t forget that leaders plant the seeds of success

Leaders are known for planting the seeds of success in their followers, and the fact is that moms do the same with their kids. They invest a lot of time, effort, and knowledge to create a positive learning environment, which is one of the essential things for children from an early age. When they learn that great things are awaiting them in life, kids will do their best to grab them and pave their own path to success. So, your role as a mom is to teach your kids that hard work always pays off, no matter what, and that they should always be brave, persistent, and open-minded. That’s the best way to make them realize how to succeed in their lives, both personal and professional.


As you can see, work-at-home moms indeed have a lot of traits that make them great leaders, which is exactly why we should all look up to them and learn something useful we’ll need later in life. Moms definitely are superheroes who don’t wear capes, but they surely have some superpowers that should be admired!


Author Bio: Claire is a personal and professional development expert who believes that a positive attitude is one of the keys to success. You can find her online writing and giving tips about lifestyle and development as a regular contributor at

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Kohl’s Plus Size Sleepwear for Women

This post is sponsored by Kohls. I was paid for this post and received the included sleepwear as compensation.

Plus-size sleepwear

Buying great sleepwear can be a challenge for any woman, but when you are shopping for plus size options, it can be even harder! The styles are limited, and it used to feel like this is what you can pick from, be happy with it.

I headed to Kohl’s to check out the selection because cooler weather calls for new pajamas! Let’s be honest, there are days when it is too cold, or too snowy to head out, and evening arrives earlier now and that is reason enough to put on something comfortable for an evening at home! Winter weather is pajama weather in my heart!
First I shopped online, where I found some great options!
For an evening when a little chill might call for a comfortable robe, I selected Plus Size Apt. 9’s Robe and Lace Chemise 2 piece set. This is pretty, feminine and perfect for a cozy night at home. I love the appearance, fit and colors I could choose from! I went with Blank and Pink Toile and I love how it compliments my skin tone and hair color.
plus size sleepwear
For those downright cold nights where I want to be wrapped in warmth, I selected the Plus Size Sonoma Goods for Life Pajamas. I love the coziness of the microfiber bottoms! These are so warm and comfy! The knit top is a great fit and keeps me toasty with long sleeves and a great fit in the shoulders.
When the day is all done and I want to crawl into bed to sleep comfortably, but ready to hop up at moments notice to take care of the kids in the middle of the night, I selected the Plus Size Croft & Barrow Crochet Nightgown in Blue. It has a pretty design and is super comfortable to sleep, or lounge in!
kohls plus size sleepwear
Because an online shop only tickled my taste buds, I went shopping to add to my cool weather collection. In the store, I got a 2 piece croft & barrow short set intimate, which is ideal for those nights when it is not too cool. A Plus size Croft & Barrow grey cotton gown, which I could wear every day it is so comfortable! And a Sonoma 3-piece pajama set with socks. I love that the socks are a great match with the pajama set and they are all so comfortable and fit great!
kohls pajamas
I really love the quality of all of the items I got at Kohls! They are perfect for helping me to be comfy when it is time to relax and there is nothing like comfort when you are trying to get a good night’s sleep.
Are you more of an online or in-store shopper? I enjoy both experiences, depending on how busy I am!
I would love to hear more about your favorite sleepwear items. Leave me a comment to tell me what is your favorite thing to wear to bed.

Disclosure: My blog may contain links to other websites. I am not responsible for the privacy policies of those other websites. When you click on a link, your information may be collected by those websites so I encourage you to read their privacy policies. These affiliate links are not associated with Kohls.

Slow Down Busy Moms and Feel the Joy

Slow Down Busy Moms

Balancing motherhood without compromising on yourself and your own life may seem like a tough job especially if you are a new mom and are taking care of a newborn for the first time. Often in the effort of trying to be the perfect mother, we tend to lose ourselves.

While the transition to motherhood is indeed tough and demanding, you just need to adapt to a new identity instead of losing it completely. The new shift can be difficult to adjust with – but only if you let it haunt you.

This does not only apply to new moms but all moms – no exception. Suddenly, everything around you is about that little guy or girl you just gave birth to. Whether you have to take care of your little dictator or go through the tantrums of your teenager, the life of a mom hardly takes a break.

But think about it for a moment – is this what motherhood really is? Does it really mean giving up everything you once associated yourself with because you have a child or children to cater to? Of course not! This isn’t what you deserve.

What you truly deserve at this point is to slow down, take a break from your busy-mommy schedule, and be yourself. You too can enjoy, laugh, and have fun without always making it about your child or children – after all, you used to do it before you became a mother, didn’t you.

Time to get some breathing room!

So here are some amazing ways for you to feel the joy without stressing about being a mother. These tips will help you cater to your emotional, physical, and mental needs that you have been ignoring for long.

Accept it and Move On

This point is especially for the new moms, who continue to struggle with their new identity. The only key to actually feel happy and relaxed is to accept and move on. Discovering motherhood is beautiful, but not everyone experiences it instantly. Remember, taking your time is okay.

Your schedule, priorities, emotions, and even your body will change post-baby. Accept those changes and understand that you will take time to get reacquainted with your real self. Coming to terms with reality will push you in a positive direction.

Flush off The Absurd High Standards

Parenting is a very subjective thing. Don’t follow others’ footsteps. Trying to keep up with high standards set by other parents will only make it worse for you.

Unfortunately, motherhood has to pay the price of living in a modern world. It is easy to get attracted to those standards, but in reality, it’s nothing but a stress mess. You must set your own standards and according to what you think is right.

We recklessly follow these growing ‘parenting’ trends and then complain we don’t have time for ourselves. You can always get tons of that in your hand only if you stop following those absurd parenting standards.

Cuddle More with Your Partner

This is one relationship that gets ignored the most just because women are trying to keep up the demand of their kids, household chores, and even work. The role of a partner often takes a backseat.

The parenting years are not only a challenge for you as a mother but also for their father. Staying close during this tough time will make the two of you a better team. Also, you will save the relationship from losing its charm.

Don’t hesitate in sneaking out with your partner and enjoy some alone time – even if that requires ditching your kids and sending them over to grandparents’ house.

Stay Social

Suddenly, you are more active in social circles where you can discuss your babies and children. You need to get yourself out of that company for some time. Spend time with real friends so you can enjoy being yourself.

Catch up with your girl pals and do all the crazy things that help you keep your head away from motherhood for some time. Let the dad perform some duties too.

Dedicate Some Time to Yourself Every day

Turning away from your motherhood responsibilities may not be the ideal option for everyone. But there’s nothing wrong is using some of your time for yourself – even if it is just 30 minutes during the entire day.

Do what pleases you. Read a book, take a nap, exercise daily, or dance to your favorite music tracks. These are also great activities for kids, and you can always welcome them to participate with you. Not only you can do what you like every day, but you will bond with your children better over these little things.

Lastly, take care of yourself. Exhausting yourself over the demands and needs of your kids will not only affect you in the long run but also them. So, focus on yourself, take some healthy ways to cope with stress, and relax. Instead of stressing about motherhood, feel its beauty, and use every chance to bond with your kids to make all the effort worthwhile.

Spice Up Your Date Night #BetterTogetherSC

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Mirium. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Spice Up Date Night with AXE Black

Being married with kids poses a challenge to the romantic aspects of the relationship. Keeping things exciting and romantic can be trickier than ever with a number of years of familiarity under your belt and 3 active young boys underfoot. As hard as it is to admit, keeping the spark going feels hard because we are so tired; all the time.

One of the things I have learned in my years of marriage is that you have to work at it and make romance a priority. When life is busy I guess you have to learn to appreciate the small things. My husband and I have been making date night a priority to keep our connection strong and to embrace the parts of us that started all of this!
Date Night seemed daunting at first. Arranging for a sitter, making plans and getting ready seems like quite a task. That is why we never overlook date night at home as a suitable option!
 AXE & Caress
Date Night begins with a trip to Sam’s Club can help the whole family smell great with AXE Black Fragrance and Caress Daily Silk Body Wash. These products complement each other so well that smelling great and feeling smooth helps to set the mood for some quality time together. I love the masculine and rich fragrance of Axe Black Fragrance and he loves how silky my skin feels when I use Caress Daily Silk Bodywash. It is a match made in heaven!
Sam’s makes life easier, and it helps to be able to get two must-have products for date night in one place. If you’re ever running low, Sam’s Clubs’ Scan & Go app and Club Pick-Up are there to help you get more scent mates for you and your family quickly and conveniently.
To make sure date night is a success with my husband, we let each other know what we have in mind, without giving too much away. If it is his turn to plan the date, he might suggest I bring a jacket if we are headed outdoors. Or I might suggest he pick up treats for movie night at home. We have learned that being prepared makes a big difference. No woman wants to take a hike in heels!
  • We keep it simple sometimes and set a rule of no talk of kids or work on date night.

  • We keep it affordable, much like we would have in the beginning for a great time.

AXE Black
He loves to use AXE Black Fragrance on Date Night and also every other day because it smells that good. I love Caress Daily Silk Body Wash not only for the amazing smell but I love how it leaves my skin feeling silk-like.
We make looking and smelling great a priority by stocking up on our favorites like AXE Black Fragrance and Caress Daily Silk Body Wash at Sam’s Club. A great smelling spouse basically begs to be hugged any day!

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