Simply Southern Couponers received the opportunity to review an item from Milkdot.  Milkdot is a New York based company founded by Janet Cho who designs a line of safe and stylish products. After her son was born, she discovered that most of the children products contained toxic materials. She wanted to design quality products that would be safe for children and our environment. 

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Greg and I were talking about ways to save money since the boys will be starting back school in a few weeks and I will already be packing their lunches we should pack his lunch as well and see how much we save by everyone taking their lunch with them. When he is in court two weeks at a time that means he is eating out every day which can cost $5-$8 a day easy. That total adds up really quick with a family of five. I came across this site called Milkdots and got to looking at their lunch totes. I didn’t need anything to big or to small but just big enough for a couple of sandwiches to fit in. I picked out the Green/Brown Milkdot lunch tote that seems like a manly color for him and when he is not using one of the boys may want to use as well. 

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Upon the arrival of our package which arrived within a week of me placing our order we received our package. I opened up and took a look at Greg’s new lunch tote and it is very roomy and I love the design of the lunch tote. It’s features is that it is water-repellent, lead free, easy to clean by just wiping the the interior lining, comes with an ID tag, one outside pocket to hold your cards etc., or even tuck your ID tag inside. The handles are magnetic which comes in handy while carrying. The inside has two mesh pockets on each side to hold smaller items. 


I packed Greg’s lunch for the first time this morning using Milkdots lunch tote. I packed  a few slices of bread, container with sliced tomatoes, container with mayonnaise, ziploc bag for his ham and I put his sliced cheese in the mesh pockets along with his spreading knife. There was still plenty of room if I wanted to add a bag of chips or fruit. This lunch tote is also great for kids to use because it zipper is easy to open an close, and the magnetic handles makes carrying easy for them while they are at school. They have 10 different designs to choose from plus they just recently released seven new lunch totes.

Here are a few other products that we like:

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You can see Milkdots entire line by visiting their Website here. 

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