Meeno Babies is a new baby company that strives to create innovative products for the everyday parent. They may be new, but they have over 100+ years of experience in the baby industry, from design and compliance, to development and manufacturing. The Meeno Babies “Cool Mee” Seat Liner Collections was created by parents who simply wanted their baby to rest easier by keeping them cool and comfortable while traveling.*


The “Cool Mee” Seat liner is an absorbent stroller liner that wicks away moisture from baby’s skin. The cooling seat liner is for all season. It is safe and comfortable when out and about. The universal design is to fit almost all strollers, and it’s to be used for ages 1-4.


The “Cool Mee” Seat Liner Features:

-Mesh Material wicks away moisture, reduces sweat and perspiration

-3-ply fabrication promotes airflow, enabling normal body temperature

-center layer of installation provides extra cushion for baby while protecting seat


I was a bit skeptical when first using the “Cool Mee” seat liner. Was it going to work as well as it says? I was Amazed on how well it works! Keeping the kids cool during the hot summer months is one of my top priorities. Both of my children run hot and overheat quickly. So, any product that can help keep them cool is a must. I decided to test it out one afternoon while we were doing yard work. We placed my youngest in stroller with the liner under the tree. It was a warm, humid day, so we weren’t going to be out too long. I was amazed how dry he when we went back inside. All of us were hot and gross, but not the little one. He was cool, dry and comfortable. Usually, he is a hot sweaty mess when I get him out of the stroller on warm days. I am loving the “Cool Mee” stroller seat liner! Now all we need is the car seat liner then we will be all set. I highly recommend Meeno Babies “Cool Mee” Collection.

The “Cool Mee” Stroller Liner is available for purchase at It is currently on Sale for $34.99.

To learn more visit HERE.

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