Life of a Southern Mom was given the opportunity to work with Mastrad and review some of their products. Mastrad is a French company, that was founded in 1994, by experienced chefs and designers, that specializes in the conception of culinary accessories to add to the cooking experience by creating I’Art de I’Utile. They have created more convenient and colorful products needed for meal preparation to serving and organization. Mastrad’s creates unique kitchen gadgets, silicone kitchen utensils, bakeware, baking tools, kitchen gifts and much more.

I received Mastrad’s Cupcake Kit, Macaron Kit, Mini Pies/Ravioli Kit, Gingerbread / Candy Cane Baking Pan and a Gifting Pan for my review. With the holidays coming up these are a perfect addition to not only my kitchen but anyone who loves to bake. 

The Cupcake Kit includes a variety of products including 8 silicone cupcake holders, piping bag, clip, 7 decorating nozzles, as well as a colorful recipe book. $19.99

The Macaron Kit includes 11 pieces, a 100% large silicone baking sheet with 53 ridges, silicone pastry bag, 6 piping and decorating nozzles, one cap, one clip to preserve mixes between batches and a colorful booklet with tips and recipes. $24.99

The Mini Pies/Ravioli Kit lets you create mini pies and raviolis in just one simple step. It includes 4 cutters, 4 molds, 1 magnetic stamp holder and a booklet of 8 different recipes. $25.00

The Gifting Pan is made of 100% silicone that is nonstick mold and flexible for easy use. Also comes with a recipe book. $20

The Gingerbread / Candy Cane Baking Pan is made with 100% flexible, nonstick silicion for easy use, making the steps easy and fast for the perfect turout. Also includes a recipe book. $20

Since the boys love eating cupcakes and muffins I decided to try the Cupcake Kit first. We mixed our batter and poured into the nonstick baking cups and waited for them to bake and cool. After the cupcakes cooled I played around with the different decorating nozzles to see what each would look like.  We enjoyed our orange with blue icing cupcakes topped with sprinkles. I do have to say using the decorating nozzles will take practice but in time I feel I can master decorating a cupcake. Most of all the boys enjoyed them and that is all that really matters. My next task to tackle will be making mini apple pies using the Mini Pie Kit. I was thinking of waiting closer to Thanksgiving to test before I make them as a treat on our Turkey Day. I will update my review when I make those so you can see how they turn out. I love Mastrad’s products and definietly love the silicone products with recipe books. I have some great ideas on what to bake next so stay tuned. If you are looking for the perfect gift or even additional kitchen accessories to use while in the kitchen I highly suggest visiting Mastrad’s website to see all of their products at affordable prices.
Mastrad is available nationwide both online and at participating retailers. Visit Mastrad’s Website here to learn more about their products and to shop online or find a local retailer.

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