Life of a Southern Mom had the pleasure of working with Delta Children and reviewing their brand new Marvel Spider-Man 3D Twin bed. Eli has been in need of a new bed for sometime and this opportunity came at the right time. Since Eli moved into his bigger brothers room with them from his crib we had him sleeping on a toddler bed only to walk in the next morning to find him on the floor. It’s not that he fell out the bed during the night, it was and still is that he just wanted to sleep on the floor. We’ve tried putting just his toddler mattress on the floor for him to sleep on and that still didn’t keep him from being on the floor. We finally decided to make him a pallet in between his brothers two twin beds and that is where he has slept for the past year comfortably. Greg and I decided since he will be starting school this year it is time to get him used to sleeping in a big boy bed. We looked around for several months and Eli could never figure out what kind of bed he wanted. He just say “I want one like Ty and Andew (Andrew)”. I came across Delta Children’s website and was browsing one day and saw the character beds they had and asked Eli if he wanted one of these types of beds. To my surprise he finally said YES!. We decided on the Marvel Spider-Man 3D Twin bed. The Marvel Spider-Man 3D Twin Bed is designed to inspire action packed dreams to young minds. It is full of web-slinging fun, removable guardrails, reversible foot board with 3D graphics and decals and Spidey fan would love. 

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Upon the arrival of Eli’s new bed which came a few days after they placed the order right to our door step. Since it was scheduled to rain on Sunday we decided to wait until then to put together his bed since we wouldn’t have anything else to do. As Sunday approached the weather man was correct RAIN. Which was perfect for us to go ahead and get started with his new bed. Greg and I ordered Eli a mattress off Walmart’s website and picked up at the store since one did not come with it. We laid out all the materials that came in our box. We began putting the bed together and adding the decals to the head and foot boards. About an hour later we had Eli’s new bed put together and ready for him.  


Designed to inspire action-packed dreams, this Marvel Spider-Man 3D Twin Bed from Delta Children is full of web-slinging fun! Featuring removable guardrails, plus 3D graphics and colorful decals of your child’s favorite superhero at the headboard and foot board, it’s a must for any Spidey fan.

Holds up to 200 lbs.
• Constructed with a high quality plastic and a metal frame
• Foot board is reversible, so 3D graphics can face in or out
• Includes removable guardrails
• Easy assembly
• Assembled dimensions: 43″W x 33.5″H x 78.5″D
• Meets or exceeds all CPSIA requirements
• Imported 


About Delta Children:

Delta Children is a three generation family owned company. In 1954 Louis Shamie had a son. As he began enjoying the world of parenthood, he founded Delta Children’s Products that became incorporated in 1967.  Then in 1984, his first grandchild was born and he took his vision a step further. Louis presented his crib concept to a patent clerk without the aid of tools, hooks or screws. From that day forward he made a commitment to design children’s furniture for families who sought stylish design that encompassed quality, safety and the ease that every family could afford and trust. Today, Delta Children’s Products is ran by Louis’s two sons Sam and Joseph.They’re trusted by millions of families worldwide and continues to be the industry leader in manufacturing cribs and providing safe, high-quality and budget-friendly children’s furniture for baby’s comfort and your peace of mind.

Not only do they have children furniture but also have nursery furniture, baby decor, baby gear, storage and decor products as well. You can see their entire line of products on their Website here.

*The only thing was we were sent one wrong screw luckily Greg had an extra downstairs that we made work.* 

Eli loves his new Spider-Man bed and fits right in with his brothers now. He has been sleeping in his bed for a few nights and with his guard rails I do not have to worry about him ending up on the floor. 

You can order your Spidey fan their very own Marvel Spiderman 3-D Twin Bed
on Amazon, Toys R Us, Walmart, Kmart and Sears.

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