Life of a Southern Mom recently had the pleasure of working with a company called Mami. Mami Company is a US Branch of Mamirobot Co, Ltd.  They are ultimately a parent company from Korea and is a leader in robotic vacuum sales. Everything started for this Korean based company in 2005 and they expanded their robotic vacuum market share in Korea to 40%. That’s quite an accomplishment! They have now expanded to other countries such as Japan, Germany, Singapore, Spain, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and the United States. They strive to make the best cleaning products out there in robotic vacuums and will continue to make that their mission.


I received Mami’s KF7 Series in White. The KF7 Series is a vacuum cleaner that can do it all. It can brush, vacuum and mop. Doesn’t that sound like something you could use in your home to make your life just a little bit easier? It has attachable microfiber pads that can wipe away pesky messes while it vacuums. The KF7 Series also has more values that you can take into consideration such as color choices and an accessible hand held cleaner. Just because I got white doesn’t mean that there are not other options out there such as : wine, titanium and lime. The hand held vacuum is meant to make it easier to clean the surfaces that the robot vacuums can not get.

This vacuum will surprise you with how close it will get to cleaning next to the wall. The detailed and sensitive features will make you so happy that this vacuum is paying attention to detail so that you don’t have to as closely. You can now do other things with your family and your time then clean. It also has four front sensors that will detect obstacles that are in it’s way, so no worries there. It works on carpet and hardwood surfaces with the adjustable vacuuming cover.  There is more that makes this vacuum even more awesome. It has cyclonic suction that is patented by Mami. The microfiber pad is both washable and reusable that is included for wiping down your hard surfaces. And even bigger bonus! the hand held vacuum cleaner is included and charged at it’s own charging station. The dust bin is easily washable and the dust filter is replaceable. All of these perks just make you wonder why you have not done this before, right?


All the different modes that you can use also make this vacuum seem almost like it is from another world: Mute mode, Turbo mode, Focus mode, Corner mode, Hair mode, Mop Mode, and there is a Time & Scheduling Function. I do believe that the people at Mami have thought of it all. The different times that you can select are 30 minutes, 60 minutes and 120 minutes. The schedule cleaning is available when it is on charging range from 2 hours to even 12 hours later. This little machine will make you so happy to have a clean home without having to stress about when you are going to find time to clean. 

Here is just a little more detail on how everything works:

Carpet Mode: For the tough spots on your carpet, the Mami’s brush will pick all the hair and dust up that is hiding.

Hardwood/Tile Mode: The dust cover without the brush can can get up all the dirt and hairs off of your hardwood and tile surfaces.

See Mami in action below.

(The noise is not as loud as the video)

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this product as I have been wanting a robot vacuum since we built our log cabin almost five years ago. Everyone with hardwood floors knows that you have to constantly vacuum or sweep to keep the dust bunnies away as much as possible. Having three small boys who love to leave little crumbs where they eat I tend to find myself vacuuming daily sometimes more. I have a Dyson Animal Vacuum that is about 10 years old and still works like a charm but having a robot vacuum I can just push a button and let it work it’s magic. It is a dream come true. My mother in law has a robot vacuum and I have seen it in work mode around her home and the amount of time it takes to vacuum is great and the work it does is unbelievable. Having a robot vacuum is great for anyone whether you like to clean, don’t like to clean as much, have kids, being an elder or just someone who wants to let a gadget do it for you Mami is perfect. No more pushing those heavy vacuums around or worrying your vacuum isn’t doing the job. I always had a thought in the back of my mind “how is a robot vacuum going to be able to clean like a regular vacuum?” Well guess what I put both my Dyson and Mami vacuum to the test. I had just vacuumed the morning of my Mami arriving with my Dyson and could see what I picked up. After I finish putting together the Mami vacuum I set it on the 30 minute cleaning just to get an idea of how it worked. Since my upstairs is an open floor plan the Mami vacuum was able to clean my living room, area rug in living room, dining room with area rug, kitchen and master bedroom. After the cleaning cycle was complete I checked the container and could not believe the dust bunnies it picked  up in that short period of time. I even took pictures so I could show my husband because he had his doubts of this vacuum actually working. He is a see it to believe kind of guy. He was blown away at the results of our new vacuum. My youngest, Eli, loves to set Mami up and let her run her course every morning. I don’t think he has missed a morning yet that she hasn’t been cleaning. Let’s just say now my floors are really being cleaned and I have no doubts about Mami. To see more about Mami visit their website here

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Giveaway Details

Life of a Southern Mom is teaming up with Mami and several other bloggers to give one lucky reader their very own chance to win a Mami KF7 in White. (ARV $449) Giveaway is scheduled to start June 6th right here on our site. 


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