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Mama Luvs was founded by two busy Seattle area moms always on the go with five kids together who were looking for other options when it came to packing their children’s lunch. They wanted to do away from the plastic bags for lunch and snacks and create a product that was safe for the children and our planet. All of their products are high quality, hand washable, dishwasher safe and washer and dryer safe.

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Simply Southern Couponers had the opportunity to work with a company called Mama Luvs. With school right around the corner I thought these bags would be great to put in the boys lunch boxes to use instead of plastic sandwiches bags to hold their sandwiches, chips and snacks. I received several different reusable bags that are eco-friendly and have a water-resistant fabric with BPA-free lining. Being a mom I always want the safest and healthiest products to use for my children. I was sent five different Mama Luvs reusable bags; small snack sized bag with Velcro closure, large sized sandwich bag with Velcro closure, Sandwich Wrap with Velcro closure and also when the sandwich is removed the wrap becomes a place mat, large sized drawstring bag and a diaper/wipe organizer. The Velcro makes it easy for the boys to open, yet still keeps their food fresh.  Mama Luvs has 28 different patterns for your reusable bags to choose from.  

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I can not wait for the boys to start school and use these reusable bags for their lunches. They are very reasonably priced and I know I will save a lot of money this year by not having to buy plastic sandwich bags to store their sandwiches, chips and snacks. I will definitely be ordering more for the boys to use. The reusable snack bags can also be used for picnic lunches, snacks on the go, and come in handy while grocery shopping. I love that the bags can be reused and are machine washable which makes cleaning a breeze. I wish I would have had the reusable diaper and wipes organizer bag when Eli was still in diapers because this would have been perfect to use to carry a diaper or two while out shopping or away from home without having to carry the diaper bag into every store or everywhere we went. If you are looking for products for your or your children to use for lunches or snacks Mama Luvs has many different products that are safe and durable.  
To see Mama Luvs full line of reusable snack bags visit them here.
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