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Mally Beauty founder, Mally Roncal is a wife and mother of three who is passionate about beauty products. At an early age she would experiment with makeup on her mother who has been her biggest inspiration since day one. Mally pursued a premed in education, but soon realized “makeup” was really what she was passionate about and put becoming a doctor aside to pursue her dreams in the beauty world. Mally traveled the world to work beauty magic on  some of the worlds leading women like Jennifer Lopez, Lee Ann Womack, Angelina Jolie and many more. She became the “to-go-to makeup artist” who knows all the tips and tricks of makeup. With over 1,000 “bulletproof” beauty products that stay on all day she has been able to give millions of women the tools to find the beauty within themselves.

Mally Beauty

Simply Southern Couponers was given the opportunity to review products from Mally Beauty. I received three products in my package; Evercolor Poreless Face DefenderGinormous Mascara in black and Evercolor Shadow Stick in green.

Evercolor Poreless Face Defender is a lightweight product that helps reduce the appearance of pores, fine lines and helps keep your makeup in place from morning to night. It has a silky feel when applying without the powder look.

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Evercolor Shadow Stick is a creamy texture eye shadow that is very easy to apply. Lasts all day and can be worn as an eye liner. Comes in 24 different colors to choose from.

eye shadow

Ginormous Mascara leaves your lashes looking beyond enormous. The applicator has a cut-out reservoir on each side that is exposed to your lashes. It gives volume and the fullest coverage that lasts all day. Easy to apply simply apply one coat, let dry, then apply another until your lashes look the ginormous.

MascaraI hardly wear makeup unless it is going out, but when I do I wear foundation, blush, eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara. Did I mention I am an eye shadow fanatic. I am not to big on the smokey eye colors or dark. I am a very neutral type of girl. I love browns and cream colors. When I received Evercolor Shadow Stick in green I was a little hesitant to wear it because I am not use to different color shades. I tried my products for the first time Saturday when I was heading out. Since this is my first time wearing I rubbed it on my finger and blotted it on my eyes. When I applied my new mascara it really did bring our my lashes and made them look fuller. I have never heard of the Poreless Face Defender so I was unsure how to use until of course I read the directions. After applying my makeup and all the finishing touches I took my Japanese sponge and lightly patted the face defender over my entire face. The reason they tell you not to rub or swipe the sponge over your face because it can remove your makeup. The rounded corners on the thick sponge makes the hardest to reach places such as inside the eyes or sides of the nose easy to reach.

 I love the Mally Beauty products because they are lightweight, easy to apply and last all day. When running around doing errands or out on the town I am not wanting to have to touch up my makeup and with Mally Beauty I did not have to touch up my makeup. If you find yourself always having to touch up or reapply your makeup I highly recommend Mally Beauty products.  To see more of Mally Beauty Products line visit her Website here

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