MakIt Products was founded in 1969 and is located in Texas and produces up to 1 million plates every year. Bob Hodges founded MakIt when someone talked about how great it would be to put your child’s artwork on something useful instead of just throwing it away. MakIt Products are all nontoxic, BPA-Free, dishwasher safe and made in the USA.

Simply Southern Couponers had the chance to work with MakIt and I was super excited. I have made several of the glass plates that you can decorate with sharpie, bake and then give them away. Problem is they were glass, which means my kids really couldn’t use them, and second no matter how long you bake them the permanent marker still rubs off and I can’t stand the thought of my kids eating off of plates with permanent marker on them. I received the Prepaid Art Plate Kit which includes 25 paper templates and 8 crayola washable markers. I decided I was going to let each of the girls make a plate, so I wrote their names on it and let them draw on it. Luckily we were sent extra templates because we sure did need them. I decided to make one last plate that says “Cookies for Santa” on it so that it could be used for years to come and start traditions with the girls. .

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It only took about 8ish days from the time I sent the templates off to the time Fedex delivered them. MakIt has super fast shipping, considering they have to make the product. I was so happy with the plates. They literally looked like the girls had drawn on them but the colors would not come off. I was able to wash them without color coming off and the girls can use them since they are made out of a break resistant melamine. These plates are also nontoxic and can be put in the dishwasher (they can’t be put in the microwave though).

This is a great project for a group of kids, if you order 10 or more plates the cost is only $6.99 per plate! If you want to order your own kit, visit here. They offer more than plates, to see everything they have to offer visit them here.

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