Back to school is so exciting for kids and parents alike. I’m assuming that your family takes a back to school picture every new school year, right? Well, these pictures are golden and make a perfect memory to have while they attend each grade. I knew my readers would love having access to this printable, which is why this back to school printable picture is perfect.

I also love this printable because if you missed grabbing a back to school photo with your child, you can always revisit it. Sometimes kids are cranky and don’t want their picture taken on the first day of school or you all were in a hurry. Now you can have the printable for anytime you want.

This printable is also unique because you can write what your child’s career ambitions were at the time. The human brain can’t document all of these things itself, so it’s nice when a picture can do it for you. No matter what grade you are entering into, this back to school printable has you covered!

To download your printables click the link here→ Back to School Printables 

What grade is your child in this year?

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