Learning interactively is one of the newer things that kids love to do. Luv ‘n Learn Friends make that super fun because they are an interactive plush pet that is 2-way Bluetooth enabled. It is a great interactive learning experience for your little ones that allow them to play games, learn how to read, do math and so much more while having a fun time doing it.


There are 50 different puzzles that your child can do that have two different levels to them. They can start on the lower level and than challenge themselves to the other level after they have the hang of the puzzles and they become too easy. There are also 50 different match challenges. The math challenges have three different levels to them and so there are multiple ways to know that your child knows the material

Luv ‘n Learn Friends is not just for school though. There is the option to enter personal messages that your child can listen to later. So if they travel with their buddy, they can listen to a personalized I love you message and more from you while they are away. There are also 5 stories that you can record yourself for your child or that the Bear will simply read to them. Bedtime or even storytime will never be the same with an interactive friend there when you can’t be.

I also loved the fact that there are also five of the most popular preschool songs on the Luv ‘n Learn Friend. There is the option with these as well to record them or to simply just let their interactive friend sing them. Personalizing the Luv ‘n Learn Friend is easy with seamless changing of the language and uploading of your own recordings.


Your child will absolutely love this interactive learning and play toy and you will love how easy it is for them to use. All they have to do is press the right foot in order to listen to the five stories. They press the right and left paws in order to listen to personal messages and to be able to download other content. The pressing of the left foot is what allows them to listen to all five of the songs. It’s as simple as that.

Learning will be more fun and your child will have a plush friend that they will want to take with them anywhere. The comforting friend will also be the learning friend as one in the same. The Luv ‘n Learn Friends will never leave your child’s side once they figure out everything that it is capable of. Learning and loving has never been so much fun.

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*I received this product above for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.*


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