Life of a Southern Mom recently had the pleasure of working with Lugz on a review of a pair of their Men’s shoes. From their humble beginnings in 1993 when Lugz’s line of products consisted of two boot options, a single vest style and a pair of jeans, the company has grown to produce shoes for a hip hop star, Orange County Choppers, and MMA fighters. They have also diversified to add a women’s and children’s line of shoes in addition to T-shirts, vests, and jackets.

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While Lugz still maintains their line of boots (which has greatly expanded from the original two styles), they have also added other categories of men’s shoes including sneakers, canvas shoes, a Drifters line and a Strider’s line. We had the opportunity to review a new line of Lugz shoes: Vet.

My husband had recently been in search of some black shoes. Now this seems like a simple enough request, but he is sort of picky about his shoes. The particular pair he was looking for had to look nicer than a pair of sneakers, look not as nice as a pair of dress shoes, be comfortable enough for everyday use, and be completely solid black. Also, since he wears a size 12, sometimes he has difficulty finding shoes in his size. This total combination had proved harder than I thought, until I came across the Vet line at Lugz. The Vet shoe comes in a range of canvas colors as well as different sole colors. It also comes in a wide range of sizes, from 6.5 to 13!

Lugz Vets

Photo Credit: Lugz

As you might have guessed, my husband selected the black canvas on black sole to meet his color criteria. They certainly are a nicer shoe than a standard sneaker and definitely are not in the realm of dress shoes, so the appearance was in line with his imaginary shoe (which I had begun to think did not exist). The final step (step, get it? It’s a shoe?) was to test out the comfort level. I am always hesitant to buy shoes online for just this reason. However, we decided to take the leap and get the Vet Black shoes.

Lugz Vet Black

I am so grateful to Lugz for creating this shoe! Not only did it meet my husband’s expectations for appearance, he also said they were comfortable! I could not believe we had finally completed our quest to find the mystical black, nice but not too nice shoe! On this shoe, the upper is made of nylon ripstop and gives the shoe a very clean and streamlined look. The sole of the shoe is made of rubber and feels very sturdy and tough. The tongue and collar (around the ankle) are both padded for comfort. Inside the shoe, the insole is made of a cushioned material. My husband said this felt like the foam material some pillows and mattresses are made of that retain their shape. He was really impressed with the insole and insisted on wearing the Vet Black shoes around all day on the weekend (even though he was only going to the tool store).

Lugz Vet Black top

After a day of wearing them, I asked him again what he thought of his new Lugz shoes. He said overall they are pretty comfortable. His feet are very narrow, so he had to pull the laces quite tight so that the fabric on each side was pulled to the middle to the point where they were touching. Even so, he thought they were still slightly too wide and his feet could move side to side. If you have average width feet, this won’t be an issue for you and if you have wide feet, Lugz has wide width shoes as well.

Lugz Vet Black shoe

The only other difficulty he had with the shoes was that the sole is quite flat. Unlike sneakers, the sole is not shaped where the arch of your foot would be. This is a stylistic difference which does not affect the performance of the shoe, but apparently “feels” different. The other part of the sole being flat is that it has less traction than a sneaker but more than a loafer. He said he found the floor of the convenience store he stopped in to be slippery, but he acknowledged that may have been because the floor was wet and maybe not so much because of the shoe.

Lugz Vet Black Sole

Overall, this is a great pair of shoes. Obviously, the best feature is that they are comfortable which means he will actually wear them. Also, they look great and seem really sturdy so I feel confident they are going to last a long time. I would certainly get another pair of Lugz shoes in the future! Perhaps I’ll get myself a pair of something comfy and fun for the winter! To check out all the shoes and apparel from Lugz, visit their website here.

You can also check out their blog and social media sites for news, deals, discounts, and a chance to win a free pair of shoes each month!

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