Looking for toddler-friendly parks? 10 family vacation cities you should visit!

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Some days parents would love to take their family out and enjoy the rest of the day with their loved toddlers. Summer a season of magnificent occurrences in which parents would love to go on vacation with their kids. Some of the best vacation cities are:

  • Granby Zoo, Quebec– it is one of the largest zoos in Canada and is home to more than a thousand animals,

from elephants to gorillas to tigers. It is ideal for younger ones and allows them to make a strange stop

over to feed monkeys. During summers the entrance is free and it offers water parks where your kids can

play the Plunge.

  • Botanical Garden– let your kids interact with nature. Help them identify the more than 22,000 plant

species and cultivars. Take them to the exhibition Greenhouses and the Tree House and themed gardens

that are country-inspired.

  •  Porpoise Bay Provincial Park, Sechelt– it is a fantastic family spot located in Sunshine Coast. It is a 45-

minute ride from the mainland that will give your kids adequate time to enjoy the water ride. It prides in its

unique camping grounds that are well equipped with child-friendly showers and toilets. It also has picnic

tables and a field play area for kids during the day.

  •  Montreal Science Centre– sounds more like an educational vacation trip. The center makes the learning of

science easy by use of multimedia platforms. Games, interactive sessions, and the IMAX theater will

ensure that your kids have fun. Montreal is also a history hub with a host of child-centric activities. Head

to La Ronde for a roller coaster before you can proceed to Montreal Biodome for further scientific

exploration. Those who live in Montreal certainly appreciate having access to this center more often!

  •  Toronto’s wonderland- it is a place where a family can spend their time together and have lots of fun and

entertainment. It has Planet Snoopy for the kids and the new Dinosaurs Alive. It also has splash activities

for kids who love water. A water park featuring a Super Soaker, Lazy River, and the Plunge. This thrill will

your kid’s closer. The Toronto Zoo is a fun place for kids

  • Bracebridge, Ontario– commonly referred to as Santa’s Village, Santa spent his summer here. It is a 60

acre family entertainment park on featuring amusement rides, shows, playgrounds, splash parks, train

rides and even jet boats. All these facilities are equipped for safe use by kids. This makes it an ideal


  •  Vancouver– it is a fantastic family spot that is home to Jericho Beach Park. Your kids will probably find fun

in building sand castles on the beach of Jericho. There are swimming rafts, playing fields and picnic tables

that are good for your toddlers should you visit Vancouver. While there, it will be appropriate to visit the

Queen Elizabeth Park and Stanley Park.

  • Quebec city– the streets of Quebec are captivating. Let your toddlers’ be part of the famous Festival d’été

de Québec (Quebec Summer Festival). Quebec is fascinating with her rich history, art, music, and culture

galore. Its naturalness will bring a jovial spirit to your kids who will slowly learn her unique features. An

early trip in summer will see you and your family make a maple syrup.

  • Calgary– how fun is family fun if you fail to visit a rodeo in ranches. Take your kids in July to witness the

famous Calgary Stampede. You can further visit the Heritage Park to have a glimpse of the cowboy

culture. A trip in summer, between June and August, would be ideal for good temperatures and a nice


  • Ottawa – it is fantastic for kids who love skating in winter, along with the Rideau Canal. An annual Children’s

Festival is also held in June and other series of annual festivals. The state-of-the-art museums will live you

kids amused. Their architecture is just awesome and will keep your kids occupied trying to figure out their

dream castles. Ottawa loves kids.

Where does your family like to travel? 

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