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Little Passport

Little Passports is a fun adventure your kids can go on with Sam and Sofia. Little Passports was founded by 2 moms in San Francisco that wanted something fun to help their kids learn about the United States as well as the entire world. The very first package contains your own suitcase and you get to meet Sam and Sofia. Every month (depending on your subscription) your child will receive a letter filled with stickers, souvenirs, photos, a letter and more.

Little Passports Box

Simply Southern Couponers had the chance to work with Little Passports. I was able to pick between either the USA Edition, where Sam and Sofia travel around the 50 states, or the World Edition, where Sam and Sofia travel around the world and are in a new country each month. I picked the world edition so my girls could see more of the world. When our package arrived Aubreigh couldn’t wait to open it. We opened it and found a blue suitcase filled with goodies. We first read the letter that Sam and Sofia wrote us telling them a little about us, then we opened up the map of the world that we could hang on the wall. We looked over and talked about each country and what kind of animals we could find in that country. We then saw Sam and Sofia had sent Aubreigh her passport, it was a lot of fun to sit down and fill this out with her. Finally we found our boarding pass and Aubreigh couldn’t wait to get online and check out the world.


As soon as we boarded we found a lot of fun activities and games to play. Aubreigh really loved playing with the puzzle and the quiz zone. Being a parent I loved it because not only was she having fun but she was learning. I liked the world trivia area and I even learned a few things I didn’t already know. Going to bed tonight, Aubreigh asked if we were going on an adventure tomorrow with Sam and Sofia and I told her she could go on one every day with them, that’s when she told me she wants to go with them to South America and see the lions. That was a very proud mommy moment!

This is a great adventure I would recommend to everyone with kids, not only is it fun for the kids, but the parents will enjoy it as well. To order your own subscription please head over here to order the World Edition (3 month subscription is only $41.85) or here to join the USA Edition (3 month subscription is only $41.85)

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Little Passports is giving one of our lucky readers a 3 month subscription!

Giveaway will begin September 5th, 2013


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