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The Little Looster was invented by Monica Mylet.  After giving birth the three kids in just four years, she came up with a solution the potty-training problems that every parents experiences.  The Little Looster helps kids by making it more comfortable for them while they are sitting on the potty, and it is also not in the way of adults.  With the Little Looster, it’s easier and quicker to potty-train kids because you’re not having to constantly sanitize and clean those step-stool potties, as well as constantly being in the way of everyone. Toddlers get the chance to go straight to the “big potty” and being independent and successful.


Simply Southern Couponers had the opportunity to review The Little Looster. I successfully trained my oldest to use the “big girl potty” but that seemed like it took forever and she was always afraid of falling in the toilet and not having anything to prop her feet up on. My youngest, Kaylee is so small and tiny and have been dreading potty training her because she is going to be afraid of the toilet, and I am to because she would have nothing to really hold her up.


The Little Looster fit nice and snug around our toilet seat. I thought it was going to be in our way when I would use the bathroom, but surprisingly it wasn’t in the least. Kaylee wanted to go in there and check it out, and she was able to climb up and down the toilet seat with no problem and was able put her weight on the stool and balance herself just right so that she wouldn’t fall into the toilet seat. I asked her if she wanted to try to go pee pee in the “big girl potty” and she said yes. Shortly after we celebrated! That was the first time she has been able to use the big girl potty and not be scared. There is nothing to clean up which makes it 10 times better than the little step stool potties.

I recommend The Little Looster to anyone who is about to start potty training their kids! It’s a time saver and much more convenient!

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