Life of a Southern Mom was recently given the opportunity to review the all-new, critically acclaimed self-help book by Paula Rizzo, titled “Listful Thinking.” If you’ve found yourself at the end of your rope with keeping yourself organized then this is is the book for you.

Listful Thinking

Keeping organized is tough when you have, well, a life; whether you’re juggling work and family or focused on being a successful career oriented individual keeping your life organized and stress free is a job all in itself. Add in some appointments, business, doctors or even personal, birthdays, bill schedules, etc. and you’ve got one whopper of a mess to try and keep track of; you’re also probably all too aware of how quickly you can lose track of an important note or event when your organization skills have only ever been mediocre at best. I myself am guilty of using notepads, post-it pads, smartphone apps, etc. and often become overwhelmed when my methods become a jumbled, confusing mess; even worse when I can’t remember where I put what reminder!

Available in Kindle format as well as paperback, Listful Thinking was written by Paula with the intention of helping readers like you and I take back our valuable time and learn to be more efficient with our organization skills. If you feel overwhelmed, stressed and like you’ve been chasing your own tail in your quest to keep your life in order then Listful Thinking is a great start to changing your habits and living a better, more organized lifestyle. Many successful people in history (Madonna, Johnny Cash, Ellen DeGeneres, etc.) have been known as list makers and Paula Rizzo will teach you how to become a successful, productive and organized individual using the same techniques! Are you ready to take back over your life with less stress and more time? Grab your copy here

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