A List of Essential Stationery for Back to School


Back-to-school season is upon us, and every parent is gearing up for the big day. Many schools will send you a back-to-school stationery list so that you can be sure to prepare your child. But if you are looking to get a head start on the shopping madness, read on. Here are some important stationery supplies that your child will not want to head back to school without.

Various Pens

At the top of every back-to-school list are the usual supplies needed for writing, drawing, and communicating on paper. There will be a variety of these that your child will need. Some of the necessary stationery supplies that fall into this category are No. 2 pencils, ballpoint pens, crayons, colored pencils, and highlighters. A pencil case or two is essential so that these supplies can be safely stored in their own place, without being lost or broken.


The next major category is that of paper. Some of your purchases should include paper such as ruled paper, loose leaf, spiral notebooks, construction paper, and post-it notes. If your child is in middle school or beyond, they may also need to add graph paper to the list.

Other Writing-Related Supplies

Although most classrooms have an electric pencil sharpener, it is a good idea for your child to have a simple, manual sharpener stored with their pencils and colored pencils. Also buy a small bottle or tape form of whiteout, so your child can easily correct mistakes. And do not forget a few erasers, as these tend to get easily lost and quickly used up.

Random Supplies

Your child will likely be asked to bring at least one binder to school. Depending on your child’s age, they may also be responsible for providing their own personal organizer that contains a school calendar. There will be many important dates throughout the school year and it can be a great learning experience for your child to take responsibility in this area.

A ruler is another essential for all ages. Each child should also have an appropriate style of scissors for their age. If your child is older, they will likely also need a calculator and a flash drive.

Personal Items

Make the beginning of the school year the time to replace your child’s old and worn out backpack. Be sure to find one that is the proper fit for your child so that they can wear it properly and not damage their back. If your child’s school utilizes lockers, you will likely need a combination lock to keep it secure. Let your child choose their own lunch box, to add some personal flair to lunchtimes.

Back-to-school lists can be extensive, but there is no need to fear them. Make back-to-school shopping a fun tradition that you both engage in together. Your child will remember it for years to come, even long after graduation.

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