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May through September is the peak of moving season. One of the first things perspective buyers look at is the yard. Is your yard landscaped to maximize curb appeal? Does your backyard look like the oasis everyone would clamor to have? While a great yard will help add value to your home, why shouldn’t you have the yard you dream of even before you sell?

When the times comes to make that move, Shop Your Way Moving is a convenient and simple way to manage through the process. It’s an unprecedented online experience, providing Shop Your Way members with a virtual hub of products, services and advice all related to moving. From moving supplies to services and even service storage solutions, Shop Your Way Moving has everything to make the exciting transition to a new home as easy and seamless as possible.

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I know when we first started planning the layout and blue prints to build our home I had to think about what kind of yard I wanted to have. What would help make our landscape blend in with the living in the country. I knew we would not live on the road but back in the woods, but I wanted our visitors to adore our landscape as well as our home. After our home was built we hired a local former landscaper to help us figure out what plants, trees, bushes and flowers would look amazing. He wrote down a list of everything and I researched to get an idea of what everything would look like and he told us his opinions on the best places to put them. After we put in our irrigation system we had the sod delivered and laid out, then came our planting the bushes and flowers. After the mulch was put down and all was planted I couldn’t believe how much the landscape added to the cabin. It really is true a beautiful yard makes a beautiful home. Now, I would like to look into getting  more outdoor decor, new patio furniture for our screened in porch area and something to add to our grilling area. I am not sure what just yet but I am going to get Shop Your Way Moving advisors opinions so I can purchase before our next gathering next month.HouseCollage

Shop Your Way Moving is a great place to get suggestions and design solutions to help prep the space you’re leaving as well as the space you are moving into. From creating a temporary backyard scape, to adding a grill for added flair, to including outdoor decor. There are Moving Advisors at your service so you can sit back and relax and let them take care of the hassles. The Moving Advisors can help with any aspect of the moving process. Visit Shop Your Way Moving to view all products, that could help you build out your backyard oasis or add the curb appeal to your front yard.


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What is your dream yard? How would you like to upgrade your yard that you always wanted?

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