LEGO’s are a must have in every little kids toy collection. There are LEGO’s available for boys, girls, and even adults. LEGO’s started out as just little squares to build stuff, and has grown into the successful company it is today. There are even LEGO movies and games. All LEGO’s start as tiny plastic chunks called granules. The granules are then placed into molding machines, which have a temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit and are poured into their molds. From there they are placed onto conveyor belts and into boxes. The boxes are then placed on robot trucks and from there are taken to another conveyor belt to their next process. That is where they get all of the cool details and decorations. From there they are sorted and put in their correct LEGO set

Lego 1

Life of a Southern Mom had the opportunity to work with LEGO and I got to say, my kids were more than excited. They have a huge bucket of LEGO’s, but they were my husbands from when he was a little boy. Aubreigh loves playing with them but wishes they were girly colors instead. We were sent the LEGO Friends Sunshine Harvest Set {RV $19.99}. This set comes with the following:

  • Includes Olivia mini-doll figure and her dog
  • Features a tractor with big wheels and a trailer, a fruit stand with cash register, fruit and cake, a tree with apples, a garden patch with vegetables and a cute dog house
  • Plant tasty vegetables in the garden
  • Drive the tractor into position and load up the fruit and vegetables
  • Have fun playing with Charlie the dog
  • Stand
  • Tractor with trailer

Lego Collage

When I first opened the box I was really happy to see that the LEGO’s were broken up into 2 different bags, which made it easier for the kids to put together.  The instructions are also very detailed, which made it easy for my 5-year-old, who can’t read yet, to make it all by herself. The girls have had countless hours of play and they love to pick apples with Olivia and take them to the stand and see the apples, along with her strawberry goodies. If you have a little girl, this is the set to get them. It also comes with spare parts, so no worries if you lose a piece!

Lego 2

LEGO has tons of awesome sets on their website, as well as many different fun activities and games you can play with your kids. Head on over and check out their site!

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