Laptop Lunches was founded in 2001 by Tammy Pelstring and Amy Hemmert. They found themselves involved in the same new mothers group. When their children entered school they started discussing the poor-quality of school lunches. In a morning jog during the fall of 2001 they realized that the best way to help parents pack wholesome, low-waste lunches was to provide them with a lunch system that was not only convenient but kids also loved them. Laptop Lunches bento-ware is designed to help you pack nutritious, eco-friendly lunches for school, work, travel, play, or take out. Laptop Lunches contain no phthalates, bisphenol A (BPA), PVC, or lead. Bento boxes bring balance and harmony to your busy life by making it fun and simple to pack meals. It also pays for itself in just 3 weeks. They are easy to clean, waste-free, and reusable.



Simply Southern Couponers had the wonderful opportunity to review a Bento Lunch Box 2.0. My oldest, Aubreigh, starts school in the fall and I remembered how unhealthy and nasty the school lunches were, so I was very worried for her. Bento Lunch Boxes have 3 water-tight containers, two open containers for easy access, built-in compartments for forks and spoons, and a dip containers for dressing or condiments. Aubreigh is very picky when it comes to her food. I planned on packing her lunch every day, but didn’t know how I would with Ziploc bags and a Brown paper bag.

my_plate-healthy-bento-lunchbox (1)

The bowls are designed to create a balance between the food groups. There is a 2/3 cup bowl, which is perfect for fruits, a 1 ½ cup bowl, which will fit grains, a 1/8 cup for calcium foods, a 1 1/8 cup for veggies, and a ¾ cup for proteins.


For our review lunch we made a peanut butter sandwich using our Funbites cutter, a banana cut up into 1/2 inch slices, strawberries diced up with a vanilla yogurt dip, and a few club house crackers. I love the bento box because I have endless possibilities to make Aubreigh lunches with and I will know she is getting the nutrients and great food she deserves!


Aubreigh loves her Laptop Lunches Bento-Ware so much she gave it a thumbs up (she would have given 2 if she wasn’t chomping down on a strawberry)

To check out all the Bento-Ware Laptop Lunches has to offer you can visit them here. They also sell Bento KitsBento BuddiesCarriers, Totes & SleevesForks & SpoonsDrink BottlesBento JarsIce Packs, and Cloth Napkins.

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Disclosure: Simply Southern Couponers received a free product in exchange for a review. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own.

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