Knot Genie was created by Rikki Mor out of pure frustration. She was tired of spending hundreds of dollars a year just on products to try and tame her 3 daughters different hair types. She remembered running away from her mom when she wanted to brush her hair and didn’t want her children to face the same challenges. With the help of a few product designers, the Knot Genie was born. She created a product that helped to not only detangle but increase children’s independence.


I had the wonderful opportunity to review the Fairy Pink Knot Genie Brush.  My oldest, Aubreigh, has very straight and thin hair, which she gets from her daddy. My youngest, Kaylee, took after me. She has very thick and curly hair. It’s still short but her hair takes longer to brush than Aubreighs, which is down to the middle of her back. Kaylee hates for me to brush her hair too.

Kaylee Knot Genie

 I was amazed with the Knot Genie! It took only a few seconds to brush through Kaylee’s hair when normally it would take a good 5 minutes if she cooperated with me. I suffer from split ends and I worry about that constantly with my 2 girls. The Knot Genie virtually stops breakage and split ends!

Aubreigh Knot Genie

I have to admit. Once the girls were both asleep and I had taken my bath, I wanted to try out the Knot Genie to see if it could take my hair. My hair goes down midways down my back and is very thick and wavy. It usually takes a lot of detangling spray and a good 15 minutes of brushing. Well I just wanted to see how it would go. I was so amazed it easily brushed through my hair like it was butter. I didn’t have to spray any detangling spray and only took about 5 minutes. This product is not only great for children but also works great for adults!!

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Disclosure:Life of a Southern Mom received a free product in exchange for a review. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own.

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