Being a mommy and staying at home you would think you have all the time in the world. I never have the time to organize my house the way that I want too. KMNHome makes products that make your life easier. Founded in 2005 by Keith M. Nielson and Kevin M. Vann, KMNHome creates high quality and unique designs that gives consumers endless possibilities with their designs. The first product they debuted was the DrawerDecor System.

DrawerDecor - Starter Kit (16-Piece Set)

Photo Credit: KMNHome

Life of a Southern Mom had the opportunity to work with KMNHome. I was sent the DrawerDecor Start Kit in blue. This 16-piece kit organizes your drawers in a neat and repositionable way. The basemat, which is non-slip silicone,  can be cut to fit perfectly in your drawer and there are 15 divits in 2 different sizes that are included. These divits can be moved around to accompany all of your utensils and moved around when you get new ones. Not only is this perfect for the kitchen but it can also be used in your desk, in the garage to house all of your hubby’s tools, and even in the bathroom to organize your beauty products. I hate to show this, but this was my utensil drawer before using DrawerDecor:


It was so messy. The DrawerDecor Kit was super easy to put in too. All I had to do was to cut the mat that goes on the bottom to fit my drawer, then use the little divitz to create the spots I wanted my utensils in and it was ready to go. I was able to organize my drawer and it turn out really nice. The cost of the starter set is $24.95 and is available in red, sky blue, lime, orange,  iris and natural. It would be a perfect holiday gift for Moms, Dads, Home, and the DIY’er!


I also received the MagneticTowel in White/Red. With my husband working 2nd shift, I usually have to get dinner cooked while trying to get kids bathed and in bed so I would be surprised if I could make it through without spilling something or having to wash my hands a million times. The MagneticTowel is made out of microfiber which picks up liquids very quickly. It is made out of the best and softest material they could find. It picks up 4x its weight in water and it also has magnets sewn into it so it can attach to metal surfaces. How amazing is that? The MagneticTowel really has made dinner time, well pretty much any time I am in the kitchen a lot easier. If I spill something it doesn’t tale 2 seconds for the towel to pick up the mess and I can also hang it from the stove while I am cooking for quick access. The MagneticTowel can be purchased for only $7.95 and is offered in red/white, blue/white, lime/white, red, and green. This gift is perfect for anyone who does a lot in the kitchen!


If you would like to purchase the Drawer Decor or the  Magnetic Towel head over here, KMNHome also offers an Acrylic Organizer and Freedom Bags. Also Free Shipping on all orders over $49! These products would both be good for a mom, dad, someone who works on engines, and anyone working in the kitchen!

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*This blog received one or more products mentioned above for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.*

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